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Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Preventing Forest Fires

Everyone at Rainbow Bridge watches humans rip apart themselves and their planet, and we wait for the inevitable influx of new angels created by their actions.  
Being mortal is like being a parent at a little league or soccer game.  The parents yell, scream, stamp their feet and act foolish while watching twelve-year-olds and younger try to play baseball.
Being immortal is like being a parent of a teenager who goes back to a little league or soccer game and wonders:  “Did we really ever act like that?”
There is so much I could pick from as an example of how mortals are destroying themselves, but I would like to concentrate on one this week:
Forest fires.
There were three separate fires in Colorado.  Two are under suspicion, and one was started by people accidentally.  They then fled the scene without putting it out because who wants to be caught in a forest fire?
We had two friends’ families caught in the path of the fire.  The family of Kyna B Bear and her dogs R and Shyla and the family of Kathy Voseberg and her dog Enzo.  The Voseberg family was able to stay in their homes but when the fire came too close to the Bear’s homestead they had to leave their home unguarded.
These were not the only souls threatened by the fire.  Thanks to Kyna’s trail cameras we have been able to follow the adventures of a mother bear and her two cubs.  I am not a fan of bears, but I have become invested in this lovely, sprightly, little family.  When a fire rips through the wilderness, no one evacuates the bears, or the Bobcats, or the other souls we have seen on Kyna’s cameras.  We can only hope they were spared.
The firefighters have done the best they can to fight the fires and to save humans, and their pets.  Millions of dollar have been spent to stop the fire spreading, houses have been lost, and souls have died, all because some careless humans decided to make another rip in the fabric of their already torn world.  
I don’t know what to do, but I think we need a new approach.  I am starting with forest fires.
I have reassigned Smokey the Bear.
Please meet the new spokesperson for Forest Fear Awareness.
It’s Enzo the Goldie.

Thank you for a good friend of mine for the graphic


  1. True, humans are their own worst enemy, we dogs need to take over the world in many ways. stella rose

  2. Dog power would certainly improve the way the world is going.

  3. And to think that massive fire was started by two foolish men who didn't do the right thing!!! We are so happy our pals Shyla and R and their family as well as Enzo and family are all safe.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. I think that Enzo is the perfect doggie for the job. He's cute, yet tough!!!! Thanks for your heartwarming words. Our community is really struggling with how to prevent vagrants living in the woods from burning down our homes. Fire trucks are still patrolling our roads, and I hope that they don't stop. We need them with such irresponsible humans living in the woods.

  5. Very good points made here Angel Foley. The wildlife don't understand fires. They just know they need to run. It's a very sad thing indeed. We think your chosen new champion against Forest Fires is the perfect new spokesperson.

  6. We just came from Shyla's blog. So scary those fires. Cannot believe people can be so CARELESS with their campfires.

  7. Enzo is very wise. Hoomans can be so stoopid and careless!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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