Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pup of the Week: Paco

The small, brown body of Paco, our friend from Italy, was lifted by Enzo’s escalator to the mountaintop overlooking Rainbow Bridge.  Most dogs arrive at the Bridge standing proudly, all their strength and power being returned to them the further they rise.  But not our Italian friend sweet Paco.
I have never known a dog who fought so hard, who gave every ounce of his strength, to stay with his mom.  Our friend Willie, who had battled cancer for years before crossing the River of Life, came to be known as the dog who said no.  I thought that I would call Paco the dog who said no, but I would cleverly use the Italian word for no.  I was disappointed to learn the Italian word for no is no.
And Paco said no a lot.  His heart was failing, he needed several shots a day.  He had numerous attacks when he could not breathe.  His mom gave him oxygen until the crisis passed.  She would never give up on Paco and Paco would never give up on her. His mom left work to be with him in case he had an attack.  Day after day we prayed that Paco would be granted one more day and each day Paco managed to survive.  
When Paco’s mom dismissed her final class from school for the year, she counted on having a last summer with Paco.  When she got home that day Paco was lying next to his food with no desire to eat.  His mom did everything she could to find that spark in Paco which had rallied him so many time before.  But the spark was gone.  Paco had no more nos left. He was ready to pass over.
We got him to the mountain top.  He could barely stand.   Leo helped me ease him down to the cool grass.  Slowly, Paco began to recover:  All the illness left his body, and his youth was restored.  He stood up, surprised he could breathe easier, and he had no more pain.  “I need to get back to my mom,” he said.
I told him he didn’t have wings yet, and he wasn’t ready to fly into the sun, but our friend insisted.
“I was very sick before I came here but I did not want to leave Momma.  She was doing everything for me:  She was keeping us together, no matter how hard it was.  I was so happy to be with her, even when I couldn’t breathe or eat.  I knew she would save me.  But the doctor told her she was selfish keeping me alive.  Now she thinks she made me suffer for her needs, which is the furthest idea from the truth.  She thinks I hate her, and I love her so much.  I must go back. I must!”
Leo and I exchanged a look.  I nodded. Leo told Paco to get on his back.  He would fly Paco to Italy to see his mom.  Hopefully, Paco’s mom would sense his presence and stop blaming herself.  Leo was sacrificing time with his mom, but Leo is our Lionheart and he would do anything for a friend.
They flew away together and did not return for two days.  I was very concerned.  Italy is a big place, and Leo was not familiar with Italy.  Late on the third day they returned.
Paco told me his mom was a little better.  He was planning on spending all his time with her.  Leo asked him to sit down.
“Remember what your Mom said?” Leo asked. “She said it helps her to think of you at the Bridge running and playing.”
“But I don’t feel like running and playing,” Paco said softly.
I put a paw on his shoulder.  “Do you want your Mom to sit and cry about you every day or do you want her to be happy again?”
“Of course, I want her to be happy,” Paco said.
“And she wants you to be happy and playing.  It is going to be hard, for her, and for you, but your mom wants you to enjoy yourself, so you need to play.”
Paco agreed.  We ran with him, but after a few steps he stopped and lay down.  I needed help.
I contacted Sheriff of Fun Benjamin.  He began to give Paco lessons in fun and he is picking it up quickly.  Just a few minutes ago Paco passed me barking and nipping at Smoochy’s heals.  Later he went swimming with Willie.
Paco’s mom, you wonderful lady, who devoted your life to Paco, know your boy is happy and know he visits you often.  He is working very hard on having fun, and he wants you to work very hard on being happy.
We know it is a harder road for you, and people don’t have sheriffs of fun, although they should, Paco is praying that you will be happy again someday and all we angels are praying as well.
Now I am going to join Paco in playing.  It is time for fun.


  1. Beautiful and touching story, I confess I have tears rolling down my cheeks. Paco and his mom Elisabetta were one of my closest friends together with Tanner, Cocoa and mom Trudee. It's very very sad to see your friends leaving, very sad. It'll take time for his mom to start her life again withouth Paco's companionship, I know she'll grieve the death of his beloved doggy for long. This story will surely help her to cheer a bit up, to think of him in the dogs'paradise, with his puppies'friends in life having fun. I do think they never leave us, they're somewhere near us...

  2. We hope that Paco's mom knows he is alright now and she cared for him because they loved each other so much. we are sending pug prayers to help ease her mind.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  3. How sad for Paco's mom! It is so hard to lose a furry family member. :(

  4. Sending much love and many prayers to Paco's mom. May she find comfort in their memories and love. Run free, sweet Paco

  5. Paco has no more suffering and we pray his person knows that Paco went with her love and that she heals and her heart can be open again to another furry one who needs her love. Love is abundant.
    You asked if I could got into the library on my blog. Yes I can go in because I am a registered Reader Dog. I work with children helping them to read with my Lee. We work on phonetics with the kids.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. We hope this brings paco's momma some peace in her heart, we know he will show up in all her dreams. stella rose

  7. I'm still crying reading this blog and the comments... I'm looking at his bed but he's not there...
    I still have regrets... I saw he panted when he was getting up, I should have given the meds despite the vet's advice... I gave up and let him die...
    Sweet Paco, I love you... don't hate me!
    Your mom Elisabetta

  8. I'm sure Paco has nothing to forgive you because you took care of him during all his life, he lived longer thanks to you! He was loved and well treated, you have alwsys been a wonderful loving mom

  9. I'm sure Paco has nothing to forgive you because you took care of him during all his life, he lived longer thanks to you! He was loved and well treated, you have alwsys been a wonderful loving mom

  10. Thanks so much Maria, for your kind words..
    Elisabetta and her sweet angel Paco


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