Thursday, July 7, 2016

River Song's Garden Tour

We recently celebrated the Fourth of July.  Pocket and I have been supervising our parents doing garden work for four months.  Mommy says the gardens are still not ready to be shown online but Pocket and I disagree.  We stole mommy’s camera and took the photos.  Unfortunately we are not very tall so our pictures are all ground level.

This is a picture of the giant bicycle planter.  We don’t know why there are plants riding a bike.  We have stopped asking questions.  We just hope the flowers look pretty.File_000.jpeg
This is the path that leads to the lighthouse.  We don’t know why the lighthouse needs a path or who lives in the lighthouse.  There are bird feeders and daddy says the path keeps seeds from creating weeds.  We are hoping to catch the elves who live in the house.


This is our front, rock garden.  We like to pee near hear.  We bark at that rabbit everyday but it never moves.  I hate that darn rabbit.

You can see Saint Anthony walking through our main garden.  We don’t bark at him.  He is nice but a little intimidating.

The famous Foley Memorial Garden.   At the bottom right is her memorial stone and the pink roses are from my daddy’s grandfather’s garden.  The rose bush is over 80 years old.  This is the first year it has been in Foley’s garden.

Can you see the little green tomato?  Mommy is very proud of her tomatoes. This is the second year she has grown them.  I hope we can get some when they become ripe.File_000.jpeg

This is another picture of St Anthony’s Garden from the other side.  File_000.jpeg

Lucy and Ricky’s Mom Pam sent our mom some seeds on Mother’s Day.  Those seeds have sprouted into the little red flowers you can see in this picture

Our front garden has pink flowers and let’s everyone know whose house this is.File_000.jpeg

But a closer look shows who this house really belongs to.File_000.jpeg


  1. That's one beautiful garden
    Lily & Edward

  2. You have a very very beautiful yard. If our little grandpoop lived near you would not have any beautiful blooms or tomato, she picks them. stella rose

  3. Wow, what beautiful gardens. Mom says she used to have pretty gardens but now she has us instead. We like to garden a little too much.

  4. We think you guys have done a super snoopervising job. Your garden looks beautiful. But we're really happy to see that the REAL bosses of the house have been recognised!

  5. OH, how beautiful the gardens are. And how special that you have that rose bush from your Daddy's grandfather!!! That is a true treasure.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. What a very pretty garden, we can't wait to see pictures taken above small dog height.

  7. Darn Blogger messed with our comment...

    We love your garden...

  8. We really love your garden - lots of pretty flowers and stuff to look at. You will really enjoy those tomatoes when they get ripe!
    we do!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  9. Wow, yous are great snoopervisors!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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