Thursday, June 15, 2017

Doctor My Ears by Pocket

A month ago River, allegedly, bit my ear.  (I have to say allegedly because River is litigious, but she did it.)  Since then, except for one late night scuffle when I laid on top of River in the dark, and she took exception, the situation between us has been peaceful.  But my ears have still suffered.
Two weeks ago I went to the groomer.  I have been going to the same groomer my entire life.  They treat us very well and do a terrific job maintaining our beauty.  I wish I could say we woke up looking this way but it is just not true.
The groomer was cutting my head when she snipped a little too close and cut the bottom of my ear.  It didn’t hurt nearly as much as when River did it, and I didn’t want the groomer to feel badly over a minor snip, so I didn’t flinch.
Unfortunately, I did bleed, and the poor lady saw blood on her table.  She stopped grooming and began inspecting. I just hoped this would not delay my departure time.  She found the cut, stopped the bleeding, and, unlike my sister, did not try to duck out of her responsibility.  She finished my grooming and sure did give me a lot of attention over a little cut.  
When my parents arrived, the groomer brought me out in her arms and told them that there had been an incident.  She said there was a cut on my ear.  Daddy assured her that River is the one who cut my ear, opening himself up to further lawsuits, and she said yes, she saw that, (and was smart enough not to assign blame) but she had cut me herself.  
My parents inspected my ear.  “Oh I am sure she’s fine,” they said.  Mommy did give me an extra long kiss, and that made me feel good.
The poor lady was very upset.  She looked at me, so meek and delicate, and she did not see the grizzly bear inside of me.  (Not that I recommend testing this theory by nipping a grizzly bear’s ears.  They are terrible to groom.)
My parents, being devious, did not tell me I also had a vet appointment that day, to get a tetanus shot I was supposed to get when the majority of teeth were ripped from my jaws. They calmed the groomer by saying a vet tech would check my ear, not caring that this abrupt news doubled my resting heartbeat.
We stopped at the vet's.  They found the groomer’s ear work to be more than adequate and also, at my insistence, checked their records, which showed I did not need the shot.  It was the best trip to the vet I have ever had
My ears are healing nicely, and I have proven myself to be one tough Yorkie. I have no fear about returning to the groomers, but I would like her to teach River that honesty if the best policy.  


  1. Poor Pocket! Your ears are taking a beating recently!!!

  2. You have a very nice groomer who fessed up to what happened. Some of them pretend they never knew anything happened. We hope you and River don't have any more scuffles that involve those ears.

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  3. I am sure she felt really bad. My Moms cousin, who is like a big sister to her, is a groomer - and those things just happen sometimes. Glad she took good care of you.

    Abby Lab

  4. You have a very honest groomer
    Mr Bailey, hazel & Mabel

  5. how great that the vet visit went smooth and there were no needles nor other torture... you have a very nice groomer who ares for the clients and who feels with you when things end not as eggs-pected...

  6. You have the most gorgeous ears!!!!!
    Now, work the 'sore ear' angle fur as many TREATS as you can get!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Oh you poor baby. Wear a hat
    Lily & Edward

  8. Your groomer still hasn't noticed your inner grizzly bear?

  9. Glad you were able to dodge that needle stick! Ouch! I'm sure your ear will be all right in no time.

  10. Great result at the Vet....No needle and ear okay...hope the teeth can stay in place longer.

    Roxy's ear was bitten once and it BLED! Finally had to go to the Vet and have some tissue glue put on it. It healed nicely.


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