Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mr; Bailey is our June 25, 2017 Pup of the Week

Last week Dora was reunited with her brother Bilbo after spending three sad months without any family.  Their parents were broken hearted to lose Bilbo but knowing their two pups were together again, young and happy, eased their suffering.
This week Dora had another reunion, not with a family member, but with her beloved Blogville companion, Mr. Bailey, from the Idaho Pug Ranch.  
Bailey had squeezed every second of life from his mortal coil.  In recent months Bailey’s body had begun to break down.  His parents were forced to watch their lively little boy, who had romped through their property, easing himself onto his bed, searching for a comfortable position.
Bailey was born with joint problems and had been on supplements for most of his 14 ½ years.  But he never let those problems interfere with his life.
Bailey was the leader of his pack.  Whatever problems its members or his parents had, Bailey put those woes on his back and bore them for everyone.  Problem after problem, pound after pound, Bailey carried the weight without complaint, happy to know that is what a leader does.
But over time the weight did take its toll.  That, plus arthritis, fused Bailey’s spine.  There were no procedures that could be performed to give him relief. The vet hoped that some medication could improve the pain.  Bailey could not stand still for long; his back legs dragged after several steps; he easily lost his footing; laying down and standing back up were both very difficult, as was maintaining his balance when he did his business, an undignified problem for a proud dog, but one his parents’ helped him with so he was not soiled.
Bailey had done so much for his family that they repaid him when his back could no longer sustain him. His dad carried him upstairs to their bedroom each night where Bailey slept on an orthopedic bed that was situated above his mom’s pillow.  His dad would pick Bailey up and take him outside for his 5:00 AM pee.  His mom would wake up when Bailey needed to move and help him on his pad until he became comfortable.
When comfort became impossible, his parents knew it was time to send him to the Bridge.  As heartbreaking as that choice was, they were certain it was the only one they could make.  Soon Bailey was crossing the Bridge, climbing the stairs, seeing Dory sitting in the garden, and then getting bulldozed by a cute Pug.
It was his sister Greta, who was cruelly taken from her family at two years of age, almost three years ago.  Greta stood on Bailey’s chest and licked him repeatedly.  Luckily all of Bailey’s pain was gone, and he did not mind being kissed by his sister.  Dory then came running out to him, and Greta crawled off of Bailey.  Bailey and Dory stood on their back legs and began to dance.
It was another lovely Bridge reunion.  I hope the Pug’s Ranch parents feel better knowing that Greta and Bailey are together and Bailey and Dory are dancing together just as they had imagined.
The immortal world is a wonderful place.  Someday everyone will know that.  Until then I will try to keep being your  faithful correspondent.  


  1. thank you so much for this. What a beautiful vision - no pain, just joy at being reunited with his sister and his love. we miss our sweet boy but know he is in a better place and are thankful for 14 1/2 years.
    Hazel, Mabel & Mom

  2. that was a sweet post... and I hope there was a wonderful reunion party at that place behind the rainbow bridge...

  3. We love the sad happy bridge reunions

  4. Sweet Greta whispered all about this wonderful reunion in my ear the other night. Gussie boy

  5. What a wonderful post, we can close our eyes and see it happening!

  6. We can just see Dory and Bailey dancing . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. We are sure there was a very happy reunion for Greta, Dory, and Mr. Bailey. So sorry to see him go, but happy to know he is in such a happy place now.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. What a great post about Baily. We did read Idaho Pug Ranch, though we did not post comments very often and LOVED Bailey. We were also so sad to read about Bailey. We are heading over there to offer our condolences.
    Love Barb

  9. I'm sure Bailey is happy and dancing with his dear friends where he is now. We know what it's like when your cherished doggie reaches the point where his or her back legs give out. It happened with all three of our angels. There's a special look they give you when they reach a point where they can't live with the pain and indignity of it any longer. You just know what you have to do, even though it breaks your heart.


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