Thursday, June 8, 2017

River Song is Worried Sick

I have always suffered from separation anxiety.  I cannot tolerate being separated from my parents.   They have tried to contain me in several different manners, but they have all proven futile. They put me in the laundry room behind a five-foot high fence.  I pushed off my three-inch legs and scaled it.  When they put me in a plastic crate, I stuck my little paw through the crate door and opened it.  I did the same with the wire crates, and also forced my head through the top of the wire crate and got out.  No cage can hold me.
My parents determined I would be less of a danger to myself if I were given free reign of the living room and kitchen while they were out.  Pocket stays happily in her crate, inside her kitty condo.
While they are gone I pace, I look out windows, I get on table tops, I fret, and I worry.  What I don’t do is go to the bathroom, which is good, or drink water, which is bad.
The Sunday before Memorial Day my parents went to a cookout without me.  I don’t know why.  It is a cook OUT!  I would have been good.  They left Pocket and me at home.  They didn’t come back until it was almost dark.  I was very worried.  It took me an hour to settle down after they returned.
On Saturday I worried myself sick.  My parents were gone for five hours.  I had not prepared myself for their lengthy absence.  I should have made sure my bowels were empty before they left.  Nothing makes bowels slip out of you like worry.  Sometime during the five hours, I doubled.  A lot.  I made a Jackson Pollock painting of poop on my pee pad.  When that was full, I let more artwork by the TV.  I think I pooped out more than my body weight.
Now, I not only had to be worried about my parents being gone but about how they would react to my poop decorations.  I was concerned and ashamed.  I paced between the windows while my worry gene triggered my drool mechanism.  I was too upset to drink water.
When they arrived, I barked happily.  As they were opening the front door, I jumped two feet in the air to see them through the door window.  When they got inside, they did not pick me up, or touch me.  They tried to play it cool.  Daddy leashed Pocket and me, and we went out to do our business while Mommy cleaned my droppings.  I was so relieved that they were home and I wasn’t in trouble. Then I realized I was thirsty.  When I got inside, I drank a whole big bowl of water.
Five minutes later I spit up a puddle of water, a few second later another puddle.  Ten minutes later came a full vomit and three then more vomits and diarrhea.  I couldn’t settle down.  I just kept walking around the house.  I had worried myself sick.
And this made my parents worried sick.  Logically they knew I was reacting from my separation anxiety.  But parents never think logically.  They began to fret that I had swallowed something that had caused a blockage.
They decided to take me for a walk.  That got all the anxiety out of my body, and I stopped vomiting.  I had a small plate of turkey which I kept down, and later that night some more turkey and kibble and kept that down.  By the end of the night, they determine the crises had passed.
My parents don’t know if I drank too much water and began throwing that up then that triggered me bringing stuff up from my stomach, or that I became dehydrated from drooling and ignoring my water then drinking too quickly when they got home.  So they bought me a new, smaller water dish.  That doesn’t seem a good way to combat dehydration to me but what do I know?
They are also concerned about how to combat my separation anxiety.  They might consult a vet for medication.  I don’t want to be drugged.  I do have the perfect solution.
My mom can never leave the house again.


  1. Crikey River song .... you got it bad!! I thought I was the only one in the world that worried myself sick like that when Mum and Dad went out but you take the cake. Fair dinkum ..... you gotta lighten up a bit, aye?? I'm just like you. Won't eat or drink. Mum and Dad have tried everything. They used to crate me but I would scratch and scratch at the door until my feet bled and I always ate my bed. AND HOWL!! Oh my ...... I was out of control. They now let me stay inside the house with some rooms shut up. The first time I ate the blinds at the door near the window I could see them leave from but I don't do that anymore. They can leave me now but NOT AT NIGHT!! If they go out at night I go too or I get to sleep over at my two legged sisters house. They just kept persevering through the day. Went out EVERY day starting with just short trips (15 minutes) and gradually increased the length of time. When they come home they do that ignoring me thing. Hmmmmmph I don't take any notice of that. I jump all over 'em until they've gotta take some notice. 5 hours is forever. I get very thirsty too but won't drink until they are home. Mum always takes my water bowl up first thing and only gives me a bowl with a little water in at first and then puts more in after a little while. I think we are a bit difficult River but we are worth it, aye?? Mum refuses to drug me so we just cope as best we can.

  2. Oh River Song, you gots it bad, huh?! I loves the Jackson Pollock visual. At least you tried to gets it all on your wee pad! High points for that! You gots to teach me some of your Houdini tricks ~ there's this one doggie gate, I just can't seem to gets through...sigh. Anyhu, I sure hopes you're feelin' betters now, and I thinks YOUR solution is the bestest...if it works, maybe I'll try it on my Ma....
    Ruby ♥

  3. Poor River! I won't drink either when Mom is gone and then attack my water dish the minute she gets back....and then promptly upchuck most of it on the carpet. Must be a dog thing, what? But I agree with the no drugs comments. They are not good and even if they would help, only mask the anxiety issue.

  4. You have done everything we know to keep them from leaving you

  5. Poor River! You need to try a Binky they work for bears! Golden Kisses, Enzo

  6. The last few years of Ciara's life were very traumatic for her. She did not like it when Mom and Dad were both out of the house. She would often have seizures during those periods and after they got home. Stress is very real for dogs. We only wish we had a good suggestion for you, River. We are sure you have tried all the different calming agents, quiet music, TV on, etc. We hope someone has an idea that will work.

    As for the water and vomiting, your humans can try putting an upside down bowl or a heavy rock or something that will make the center of your bowl like a mountain, then fill the water just below that mountain. It will slow down how fast you can drink the water. Ciara (and now Misty) drank her water so fast, then would have a big burp, and all the water came right back up. The upside down bowl really works.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  7. We are glad your pawrents understand your problem and that you can't control it. We hope there is something that will make it better. In the meantime your mom must never leave.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. I hate to be left alone at home too. I start whining and howling. But then I settle down and go to sleep. But Dad is retired and I hardly even get stuck home alone anymore.


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