Friday, May 11, 2018

Daisy is our May 11 2018 Pup of the Week

Normally I wait until Sunday to announce my Pup of the Week but when two giants depart for the Bridge within two days of one another both need to be honored with their own blog.  Today, sadly, I am writing about sweet Daisy.

The cruelest reasons that souls pass to the Bridge are usually ones that start out quite ordinary.  Daisy was constipated. She went to the doctor who gave her some medication. The constipation passed, but she would not eat.  The vet said she had gas and gave her more medication. But, even with the medicine, Daisy still showed no interest in food. She grew weaker and was no longer the fun-loving dog we all knew.  There was little to be done to for her. Her father gave her the most precious gift and sent her to the Bridge.

Her dad will be happy to know that when Daisy crossed the Bridge, she did so running.  Daisy, when she was on the mortal side, loved to run. She spent a lot of time on the farm with her dad.  There were acres to run and play with her brother Kane. There wasn’t a rabbit safe in the entire state of Kansas.

Daisy’s last year as a mortal was a struggle.  She had a cyst that needed to be removed and cut down on her activity.  A farm dog trapped inside and unable to help with the crops is one sad baby.

Now Daisy will never be stuck inside when there is farming work to be done again.  Once she went through the usual rituals of becoming immortal, the swearing in, the fitting of wings, the lessons on dream, butterfly, bird, and ghosting visits, and how to watch over her family, we brought Daisy to the Rainbow Bridge Doggyspace Farm.

I know many parents have told their children when they have not been able to confess that their beloved pet had gone to the Bridge, that they sent the dog to a farm upstate where it could play with the other animals and have fun all day long.  Little did these parents know that there was such a farm, but it isn’t upstate, it is just up the road from Doggyspace, and lots of dogs are doing what parents thought was a white led, running, playing, and caring for the animals.

Daisy isn’t just playing, because she has so much farm experience she is in charge of many of the angels who happily work on the farm.  In just a few days Daisy has made the operation more productive. We all have delicious fresh vegetables every day because Daisy has learned how to make broccoli taste like bacon.

We all know how terribly heartbroken Kane, his parents, and friends are now that Daisy is gone.  They have a hole in their hearts that will be there a long time. We are all going to work hard to make them smile and know they are loved, and Daisy is going to spend lots of time visiting them.  I am sure, on the family farm, there will be lots of opportunities for Daisy to borrow winged bodies and say hello to her mortal family. We hope it comforts them to know that somewhere in a land they cannot get to yet Daisy is making the immortal lives of angels better by being Miss Daisy, a gentle lady farmer.

As she told me while we looked over her long field of chocolate corn, she learned from the best farmer, her Dad.

We all tip our tails to him for raising such a well mannered, caring, and talented dog. 

The mortal world is worse off for Daisy’s passings, but the immortal world has become better, and the universe stays in balance.


  1. Such a sweet gal and we send love and hugs to her very special family, we know they miss her terribly.

  2. hugs and prayers for Daisy's family
    Hazel & Mabel

  3. The loss of devoted and loving family members is so very hard....Run free Kane and Daisy
    Hugs madi and mom

  4. Nothing sweeter than a lady farming doggie! Yes, The Bridge is even nicer now.

    Love, Freddy and dad

  5. Wish Daisy could make us some chocolate peanut butter spinach!! She will be missed here on earth!