Friday, June 8, 2018

Jasper and Sophie-Rae find Hope (and Josie too)

When Jasper and Sophie Rae crossed the River of Life within a few days of one another, they left their parents devastated.  Their two lost pups knew only new dogs would help repair the large hole in their parents’ hearts, but they also were aware that it would take time for their parents to open their hearts to a four-pawed baby, and that dog would have to be perfect
I don’t know if I have ever seen angels question more dogs than Jasper and Sophie Rae did.  Jasper conducted most of the interviews while Sophie Rae slipped into her parents’ dreams and nudged them towards letting a pup into their lives again.

Early this year I came upon the angel siblings discussing the issue.  Sophie said her parents could not be persuaded to let love back in their hearts.  The wound from their loss was still too severe. “How about we ease them into having a new dog by convincing them to foster?” Jasper asked.

Sophie-Rae anxiously agreed.  “We will find the best rescue dogs available, and then, when they are in our house, we can interview them more thoroughly.  We will know for sure which dogs will be worthy of being our parents’ pups.”

Sophie-Rae planted the idea of fostering dogs in their parents’ minds.  When they discussed the idea their parents were surprised to learn they were in total agreement.  They got to foster some wonderful dogs at the beginning until the pups found their forever homes.  Sophie-Rae was upset that they were losing perfectly good fosters, but Jasper assured her that their parents had to be foster successes before they ultimately failed and found their new pup.

What every grieving parents, wavering on the edge of opening their door to another forever dog needs, is a little Hope, and that is what Sophie and Jasper’s parents got when the fostered a female dog by that very name.  It was the first time they publically speculated about keeping a dog, and their friends and angels grew very excited.

But Jasper was not happy.  Hope would succeed Sophie-Rae, but his place in his parent’s heart was still raw.  His parents were fostering Josie and Jasper popped into his dreams and told him a secret.  If he bonded with Hope, then their parents would not have the heart to separate them, and Josie would have he forever home too.  Josie told him that would be easy because he already loved Hope very much.

Fosters came and went, but Josie and Hope stayed.  There was still no official word. Their foster parents were going on vacation and would decide the bonded duos fate upon their return.

While they were away from home, their parents realized their hearts ached for the mischevious pair.  When they got home, and saw how much Josie and Hope had missed them, and loved them, their minds were made up.  Josie and Hope were foster failures. They had found their forever home.

We commenced a huge feast for Jasper and Sophie-Rae in recognition of a job well done.  And our mortal dogs tipped their tails to Josie and Hope for the same reason.
And now we wait with great anticipation to learn about the adventures of Josie and Hope just as we had Jasper and Sophie-Rae and we will watch as the holes in their parent's hearts are rebuilt.

Congratulations to you four wonderful pups and to your mom and dad. Long may you be family, and great shall be the joy you share.


  1. What a lovely story, I do luffs these tails you tell
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Oh how wonderful, that made my whiskers weepy wet.

  3. That's a wonderful story! We cannot imagine losing 2 doggies at once!

  4. You made me get all teary eyed with that wonderful story.

  5. What a wonderful happy ending!
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. What a touching story of loss, hope and finding love all wrapped up in one post. Well done
    Hugs madi and mom