Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday Question

With summer here we want to know how you feel about fireworks and thunder?

Pocket:  I hate them.  I go to Daddy and climb up on his head because that is where I think I am safest.  He used to put me down but now he has learned not to turn his head too quickly.

River Song:  If it doesn't cause Mommy to leave the house or change the amount of food I get I don't care.


  1. Lightning: I don't mind thunderstorms or fireworks, just keep those bikes and scooters and baby strollers and skateboards away from me.

    Misty: I didn't used to be bothered by any loud noises, but after a couple of big thunderboomers, Mom thinks I am a little nervous about them. We will see what happens with storms on the way this week and fireworks just around the corner.

    Timber: Hmmmm, I just turned ONE, so I am not sure yet. Guess we will find out soon.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Thunder doesn't bother us too much unless it gets really loud during the night. Mr Bailey hated thunder and fireworks and would bark and bark and bark. Fireworks don't bother Hazel but once it is bedtime I think it should be quiet so they bother me
    Hazel too

  3. Nope, don't mind them at all...though, we don't gets many thunderstorms here, so they aren't much of a problem. Butts fireworks..geesh! Nows, I don't cares, butts what gets my furs matted, is when they set off those M80 ones! Dang man! I just gotta bark at those!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Misty: It's an integral part of human celebration of the birth of their nation.

    Timmy: They annoy me and I'm trying to shut them down.

    Caamois: [whimper]

  5. Da noises can make me jump, but I don't get too upset.

  6. we ignore such noises... mostly... it depends on the fact how much treats the mama has for two (non)scared pups ;O)

  7. I finks I'm wiv River Song on this one. When I was a baby pup I was terrified of the fireyworks butt the peeps showed me they is funs and pretty so now I mainly ignore them or maybe give the occasional woof.
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. We don't like those things either. They are legal here and on any holiday they go off (across the street at our lake) until 2-3 AM, it's very scary.

  9. I hate both, gus does to. We hide and bark. Mom does too. mags and gus

  10. I get a little nervous when there are thunderstorms, but not crazy afraid. I hate fireworks, so during the 4th of July, my humans turn up the TV so I don't hear them.

  11. Jakey hates them...and is a mess if we don't play the radio or TV really loud. Arty and Rosy both just bark at them :-)

  12. Mackey, Norma Jean and Tess are all afraid of loud noises. They all try to climb onto Mom's lap. Sebastian and Noah bark at thunder and the rest of us don't pay any attention.

  13. It's Tuesday now, but we still want to answer your question.
    Lucy: Noises don't bother me unless it's right next to me.
    Xena: Loud noises have started scaring me ever since, a few weeks ago, God clapped his hands right over our house!