Friday, April 5, 2019

Maverick's Mission Fulfilled

Some parents need another dog in their lives after a loved one goes to the Bridge faster than others. This need is expedited by having a surviving dog in the family. The parent may not be able to admit to themselves that they need a new pup, but they will still get one “for the sake of my other dog"

When Maverick arrived at the Bridge less than a month ago, he knew his dad wouldn't wait long to add another heartbeat to the household.  Maverick had a co-conspirator in his quest to find another dog for the family - his mortal sister Lily.
My parents went through a similar period after I passed.  They watched Pocket closely to see how she was adjusting to being a single dog

“I think Pocket is missing Foley,” Mommy said,

“Actually, I am doing quite fine thank you,” Pocket said.

“Poor baby needs a new sibling,” Papa said.

“Not at all,” Pocket said. “I am enjoying the individual attention.”  That is when my parents decided to get another dog, who turned out to be River.

Maverick’s sister Lily was a lot more willing than Pocket. She truly missed her brother and longed for a companion especially when her dad was out of the house. This became Lily’s time to act out and display her dissatisfaction with being an only dog.
Once Papa Timothy had made his decision to get another dog Maverick knew he had to act quickly. This dog needed to be special.  A pup who had never known human love. One who would be a challenge.

Maverick found the perfect pup. His name was Marshy

He wasn't a puppy, but he might as well have been. This poor 8-year old boy never experienced living in a home with a family.

The poor boy had spent the first seven years of his life being used only for breeding. When he was rescued, he had no idea how to eat from a bowl, stand on grass, wear a collar or walk on a leash. At first, he was frightened of everything, but thanks to the good people at New Leash on Life Rescue Marshy slowly learned how to become a house dog and not a caged stud. (Trust me, boys, it isn't as good as it sounds.)

Now that the right pup had been found Maverick had to let his dad know where to find him. But he encountered an obstacle. Poppa Timothy had so much on his mind; it had shut itself down to new ideas to protect itself.  But Maverick has always been resourceful, and he thought of another way.

He entered the dreams of his dad’s friend and told him to email Maverick’s dad with the link for Marshy. Without knowing why the next morning the friend dutifully did so.
Papa Timothy opened the link and saw what he knew would be the perfect addition to his family.

Marshy was a lap dog so he would match perfectly with little Lily. He was timid so he would not challenge her. And he was a project something his dad needs while he grieves Maverick.

While it will take a long time before things are normal in Maverick’s pack they are now one stronger.

Maverick can now help Marshy have the life he always should have had, and they can both help his dad rebuild his heart.


  1. We are so happy for Marshy! Good job Maverick.

  2. We're very glad Marshy found a good home.

  3. Puppy mills are so sad. Caged stud must have been awful. Love the happy ending.

  4. Bless people who rescue puppy mill dogs! Good job, Maverick!

  5. This is a wonderful story and brought a smile to our faces
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. People always think just of the females in puppy mills, but this sure tells another side of the story. We are glad dear Marshy found a furever home with everything a pup should have.


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