Sunday, April 7, 2019

Tiara is our April 7, 2018 Pup of the Week

There was a time as recent as five years ago that we knew everything our pet friends did during the day.  We were aware of each bump and bruise. When one of us was sick and in need of prayers, hundreds of them were heard above the clouds.

The number of dogs that keep us informed of their daily lives has diminished to just a few dozen over the last few years.  All across the internet dog sites are closing because of lack of interest. More and more people invest their time on Facebook, Twitter and other sites that reaffirm what they believe about the world no matter what that may be.

Tiara is an old school friend.   She kept us posted about her life with her sisters Trixie and Tasha.  No matter how mundane those activities may have been the Triple T’s made them fascinating.

We knew immediately when she was diagnosed with diabetes, and we prayed. We knew when the vet said she had congestive heart failure and we prayed harder.  And we knew that on Thursday she was going for a glucose test. So we prayed for good numbers.

Never did we, or more importantly, her parents think Tiara wouldn't be coming home from that appointment.  

While she was at the vet’s tiara’s blood pressure fell. Then her breathing became difficult.   Her doctor put her on an IV drip and placed her in an oxygen tent. The vet called tiara’s parents, alerted them to the situation and said they would call back when she was stable.

But the next call brought the worst of all possible news. Tiara had gone into cardiac arrest. She could not be revived. In the space of a few hours, Tiara was gone.

Of course, the hardest thing for her parents to deal with not being able to say goodbye. They never got that last snuggle. There were no final kisses.  For her parents, it was the cruelest of passings.

I knew Tiara was in distress when I saw angel lovey, her beloved sister, nervously pacing around her yard. When I inquired, She told me tiara was very ill.  We both began praying hard and bargaining that neither one of us would ever do anything wrong again if Tiara could heal. Sadly our prayers were answered with a no.

I burned with anger. Another senseless death of an innocent creature who only brought love into the lives of all who knew her.  In my younger angry days, I would have railed against the big guy demanding answers. He would have given me some politically correct proverb about how we are only given so many heartbeats.  I didn't want to hear it. This is one of those passings that even the truth could not help.

Angel Lovie and I hurried to hobo’s landing where all angels are sworn in. We saw Tiara running towards us. We both felt tears on our faces.

She ran up the stairs like a puppy,  jumped on her sister and licked her face a hundred times. She then greeted me, and I administered the oath. Angel lovey took her aside and told her all her secrets so she could be the best possible Angel for her mom.

We asked her what happened. Like her parents, she was most upset about not getting to say goodbye. While she' was at the vet she began feeling poorly. She didn't want to extend her parents suffering by lingering a few days. She figured a clean break was better. And now she stood in front of us. We both gave her a big hug. Our tears mixed with our parents That were now falling from large clouds in the sky.  The rain of tears from Tiara’s passing was so intense we were soon drenched, and there were deep puddles around us.

We gave Tiara a feast, and she reconnected with dozens of friends who had preceded her to the Bridge.  The sound of her precious laugh filled the air. When we were done eating it was time for Lovey to show Tiara the way into her mom’s dreams, how to borrow bodies from the winged creatures, and to become a ghost, all to try and reach her parents and perhaps briefly soothe their broken hearts.

For so many people, when Tiara passed, it was like a member of their family was gone.  Her loss was devastating. And it was a mere fraction of the sorrow her parents felt.

They are in the thoughts and prayers of families across the world.  That may not ease their pain, but hopefully, they will realize how many hearts their little dog touched, and how loved she was.

If life is measured in love, then Tiara lived one`of the most significant lives of any soul who walked the Earth.  


  1. Love you always Tiara. Angel Abbie and Charlie will meet with you too.

  2. What a lovely dog trying to cause as little grief as possible to the ones who loved her.

    We too miss the former dog bloggers who just dropped away.

  3. We are really sorry that sweetie had to make that decision.

  4. I bet her family are gonna miss her tons.

  5. it will not lower the pain, but to know that so much friends feel with you can help... to be alone with pain and grief is the worst...


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