Monday, April 22, 2019

Monday Question

A simple question this week.  How much do you weigh and are you considered overweight?

Pocket: I weigh six pounds.  I still have my girlish figure.

River; I weigh fourteen pounds.  Mommy keeps an eye on me.  I love to eat, but I don't like to move so if I overeat it is going right to my hips.


  1. Arty: I am 18 pounds and I'm like you River...Mama has to keep an eye on me..

    Jakey: I am a "just right" 17 pounds

    Rosy: I'm 15 pounds and love to do zoomies and jog with Daddy, so I stay in shape!

  2. we have 70 and 72 lbs. everything is as it should be, but in case of becoming manatees the mama will cut off our treats...oiwey!

  3. I weigh about 16 pounds and I think that's okay for me!

  4. Lucy: I'm 49 to 50 pounds and still have my girlish figure.
    Xena: I'm a perfect 14 pounds. Even my Granny (breeder) says that's perfect! So I guess that means you're perfect, too, River!

  5. I, Mackie am the smallest. I weigh 32 pounds. My sister Sydney is currently 38 pounds but Mom has her on a diet and she should be about 35.Noah is 47 but Mom tries to keep him at 50 so that lucky boy gets to have extra food.The Portie girls, Tess, Lola and Norma Jean are all about 65 pounds. Sebastian is a big boy. He weighs 75 pounds. He drives Mom crazy because he doesn't care about food and leaves it in his bowl some days.

  6. Misty: 13 pounds of all muscle and not an ounce of fat.

  7. I weighed 22 lbs when mom had me sit on the scale the other day. That is the most I have ever weighed. Mom says I am a tank! Hazel was down to 13 lbs before she left for the bridge


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