Sunday, June 9, 2019

Hilda and Bobo ae the June 9, 2019 Pups of the Week

Enough with the endings.  I have spent weeks chronicling dogs at the culmination of their songs.  This week we celebrate dogs who first few notes are beginning to play.

A month ago when Hazel went to the Bridge, she was determined to find another pug for the Idaho Pug Ranch.  The ranch was constructed to house multiple dogs but now only had one inhabitant, Mabel. Her mom told Hazel during a dream visit that she wasn't ready for another dog.

It takes a village to raise a dog and sometimes it takes a pack to find a pug. Greta, who had gone to the Bridge at only two years of age, had the misfortune of being perpetually young leaving her at a disadvantage. An angel decides the body they want to wear each day.  Our wardrobes are comprised of the bodies we have worn for every year of our lives. I have a dozen perfect styles from which to choose. On some days I can be a puppy on other days the wizened dog I was when I crossed the Bridge. Greta has only two to choose from. Being forever a puppy meant she is never taken seriously.
"We need to find a puppy with white paws!" Greta insisted.

"Why does it have to have white paws?" Hazel asked.

"Because I had white paws and mommy loves them.
Hazel thought Greta was suffering from delusions of grandeur.  She would not listen to her white paw theory. Hazel was experienced, and she knew white paws was a breed abnormality. She wanted to give her mom the perfect pup.

But Greta could not forget how much her mother loved her white paws. She found a newborn litter near the ranch and snuck down to paint one of the pup's paws white.  Greta had broken all sorts of laws, but it was done out of love, and the Guild of Dogs forgave her.

She knew her mom's subconscious was rejecting any thoughts of another dog.  She went to her mom's friend's dreams and planted the idea that the woman should email her mom the picture and information about the white-pawed pug. The next morning the friend did so.

Their mom, that same morning, had told their dad it was too early to get another dog.  Then she opened her email and saw the pug with the white paws.

Greta had perfectly set in motion the acquisition of the new pug. When her mom called, she was told the white-pawed was the only one left. Every question was answered accordingly.  Two days later Hilda with the white paws moved into the pug ranch.

That night as their mom was bringing Mabel to training Greta and Hazel thought about their love for her with all their might and a rainbow appeared in the sky above their mom.  

When Pepper and Juju got a new dog for their moms after Juju went to the Bridge, it was far less dramatic.  A year earlier, Pepper had passed over and quickly found Penny to help rebuild her moms' hearts.

Their moms knew they didn't have to search for another dog after Juju passed, their angels would find them the perfect new member of their family.  

This week they located him. Bobo joined their pack and immediately filled their home with joy.  With three sisters telling him what to do Bobo should assimilate perfectly with his new family as long as he understands that girls rule.
It is refreshing to be able to end one of these tails on an uplighting note. We could all use all more songs like these


  1. Such wonderful new additions to those special families.

  2. Little Hilda is truly a gift from our Angels!
    Mabel & Hilda & Mom

  3. How wonderfully complicated the whole human-dog saga can be.

  4. after so much tears... joy and a smile comes back to us...

  5. Thank you for a story about beginnings. We're already in love with Hilda, and it's so nice to learn about Bobo.


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