Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sebastian and Noah are the June 2, 2019 Pup of the Week

Recently I saw an article on my IPaw.  It was entitled 'Why you should not get a dog." Such poppycock! I did not read this drivel.  What are the reasons not to get a dog? I say there are none. Except for the big one. Someday, sooner than expected, we will break your heart.

The loss of one dog in a lifetime can affect a person for the rest of their days if they lose two, the pain doubles. Two in a year? It will be remembered as the worst time of their lives.  Two in a month? Unimaginable. Two in a week?

Two in a week has its own little corner of hell.  It’s worse than breaking half the bones in your body. Two in a week is getting into a six-car pile up in your driveway that causes your house to burn into flames.  

The parents of the Portuguese Water Dogs are in that hell now. In the space of a week, they lost Sebastian and Noah.  Their brother Fudge ascended to the Bridge a few months earlier.

We want to rail to the Gods on their behalf; to curse the fates; try to find justice for a family so terribly hurt.  All we can do is try to bring them a tiny bit of comfort to guide them through a part of the darkness.

Sebastian arrived at the Bridge first.  He was a rescue dog. He was sent to his parents after they lost Tsar.  Either recognizing a second chance, grateful to be finally with kind people or having been told by Tsar how to behave for his parents, he assimilated into the pack flawlessly.  He never gave his family a second of trouble. He became a gentle protector to the two little hound puppies who joined their pack. He was the perfect example of why you should take a chance on a stray.

Recently Sebastian began experiencing pain, but he was a good boy and didn’t complain.  His parents hoped that getting a cyst removed and his teeth done would ease his discomfort, but it didn't work. He stopped eating his food and became lethargic. 

 They found a growth on his jawline. Tests showed he was suffering from advanced kidney disease. His parents could not let this little gift from the heavens hurt any longer.  They sent him to the Bridge, where he could escape the pain and feel young again.

When Sebastian arrived on the immortal side, he would not cross the Bridge. "I am waiting for my brother.  He will be along soon. Then we can cross together.” I asked how long that would be.  "Too soon," he said. He was right. A few days later, Noah joined us.

The first human Noah saw as a newborn was his mom.  One of her dogs had a litter. Noah was a part of it.  From the first moment, Noah lay eyes on his mom; he never wanted her out of his sight.

Noah was the slowest to develop in his litter, but that didn't stop him from climbing stairs or jumping on walls with his siblings.  His parents didn't mind helping him down.

Nine years ago, Noah was diagnosed with cryptosporidium. It looked like Noah would have a short life span. He rallied and managed to stay on the mortal side. But, the disease took a toll. Noah would have colitis and dry eye syndrome caused by a reaction to antibiotics for the rest of his days.

As Noah aged, he began experiencing problems with his back that grew progressively worse. By last week poor Noah could no longer stand and had no appetite.  His parents had to make the hardest decision, again.

Sebastian stood when Noah crossed the Bridge.  They arrived together like a winning team on the Amazing Race.  As I inducted them, Fudge appeared behind me.

After they were sworn in, they joined Fudge in a long brotherly hug.  Sebastian asked if Fudge was going to tease them. "Not as much as I did in the mortal side, but we are here for an eternity so I can't promise you anything."

Then the three brothers ran towards the fields nipping at one another and laughing all the way, reunited at the end of their mortal days and reborn.  

The three of them have a Herculean team before them. They, along with their mortal siblings, have to rebuild their parents' crushed hearts.  But, I have no doubt don't that once Sebastian, Floyd, and Noah harness the power three nothing can stop them.


  1. How very sad for their humans, but the togetherness is heartwarming.

  2. We think you are right--there is nothing three dogs can't do if they set their minds to it.

  3. Sue and her family have had to deal with a lot of loss lately. We feel so badly for them because they always do so very much for all of their dogs. Despite all the sadness, we know they have so many happy memories that will be with them forever.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Sending dat family lotsa luv - dat's so tuff.

  5. We can hardly imagine the pain of such a loss!

  6. So sad that they had to lose them so close together
    Mabel & Hilda

  7. It took me three tries to get thru this post because I couldn't read thru my tears. The pain of losing my three boys is excruciating but we have so many wonderful memories to hold onto. My three girls are confused and are staying close to us. They've also started sleeping together at night. Thank you for your support during this time.


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