Sunday, December 8, 2019

Thor the Police Dog Arrives at Rainbow Bridge

Every dog who comes to the Bridge is unique, but some dogs are more special than others.   We angels have tremendous respect for dogs who have served the public. While we were curled up on laps or laid by the fireplace, they are outside in horrible weather, putting their lives on the line to protect us.  This week we had one of these remarkable dogs join us at Rainbow Bridge: District Four.
Thor served as a member of the North Yorkshire Police, along with his handler, Officer Martin Gayles.  Last year he retired to live out his days in his adoptive family home peacefully. Unfortunately, it was not for long.  Thor only patrolled the Earth for seven short years.

For nearly half a decade, tranquil Yorkshire was protected by Thor, who assisted in arrests, used his nose to locate property and suspects, and missing people of all ages. Noble causes all. 

For 80 minutes, Thor pursued a subject who had smashed a restaurant's windows.   The man grew fatigued and was apprehended by Thor, whose four legs proved to be more valuable in a long chase than a human's meer two.  In 2018, during another foot pursuit, Gayles fell 15 feet and broke his leg. Thor dutifully waited with him until help arrived. On another occasion, a man attacked Gayles with a Samurai Sword.  Thor protected his partner and helped subdue the man.  

Retirement meant that Thor had to leave his partner.  He was given a family to love and a life of leisure to enjoy.   The lifestyle never seemed to fit the former police dog, which may be why he slipped away to the Bridge shortly after surrendering his badge. 
Upon learning of his partner’s passion, Gayles summed up Thor thusly:  “Thor was my very first police dog, and we learned everything together. He was always there for me when I needed him, and he was a part of my family at home. I am very proud of Thor and what he achieved during his career, and I will never forget him. He was loved by his new family and thoroughly enjoying his retirement. His sudden passing is devastating for them, and they will miss him deeply. He was and always will be my big lad.”

When officer dogs arrive at their final forever home, the officers, who preceded them line the Bridge,  the stairway, and beyond. When Thor appeared, the officers stood at attention. Each dog crosses the Bridge differently:  Some run, some move cautiously, some dance, some savor each moment. But, officer dogs always walk upright with a slow cadence.  It shows respect for the shield. Even as an angel, they never stop serving their people. They begin providing a different sort of protection. Like Jedi Knights, when they are struck down, they become more powerful than ever imagined.  They protect via advising dreams, by using angel energy to ward off danger, and by making sure their people's prayers are answered.

Thor is living with many of his fellow angel officers enjoying their rest.  He has an angel tablet nearby where he can watch over his family. At the first sign of trouble, Thor springs into action to help them. 

Thor's family and co-workers mourn his loss.  But they should take comfort in knowing that he has not abandoned them.  He is still on patrol just above the clouds, and they are perpetually safe.


  1. Police Dogs are heroes. We say thank you to Thor and we pay our respects.

    One of our local retired police dogs walked the bridge recently too. We also say thank you to Conan and pay our respects to him too.

  2. thank you Thor for protecting us and thanks to all pawlice and service dogs...

  3. Thor was a special one indeed, a hero to all of us everywhere.

  4. Rest in Peace, Thor. Big healing hugs to all those that loved him.

    Have a blessed day and week. ♥

  5. God bless Thor, rest in peace big dog
    Mabel & Hilda

  6. What an inspiring story about a very brave and useful dog!

  7. Angel Thor was an asset to his unit, and will always be watching for his compatriots from heaven.

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