Thursday, August 4, 2022

Poetry Thursday



It’s time for poetry!

Thursday is poetry day hosted by our good friends Angel Sammy and Teddy.   Here is this week's inspirational photo and poem:




 Thelma and Louise went off a cliff

But they didn't end up dead and stiff

They landed in a big net

Bounced back up and were all set

They hit the gas and kept on going

Where they went was unknowing

They say still to this day

They are riding away

Hands in the air

Still in the same underwear

Happy and carefree

With the needle far past E




  1. we love the happy end and we like it much much more than the end in da movie...

  2. I LOVED every single word. You should see the smile I have on my face!

  3. We too instantly thought "it's Thelma and Louise!"

  4. Ruby Rose you are one poetic gal
    Hugs Cecilia


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