Sunday, March 7, 2010

Koda is our March 7, 2010 pup of the week

Congratulations to Koda for being a two time winner of Pup of the Week.

It's been quiet a tough week for our friend. It began with his Mommy and Daddy finding a lump on his neck. Now we all know finding lumps are a very bad thing. I don't want anything to do with them. When Mommy and Daddy are feeling nostalgic and watching Leave it to Beaver I hide under a blanket when Lumpy Rutherford walks in the kitchen.

His parents took him to the vet, and you know vets, they want to cut everything out of you (some of them stole our ovaries.) They took it out of him before it turned (into what?) but he was very sleepy. But hopefully he is not going to have any lingering effects from the surgery (like complete absence of ovaries.)

They brought him home with eight inches of stitches on his back. No word if he had to wear the cone of shame. He was in such tough shape that even Josie the Grouch was happy to see him, doing a dance like Oscar does when someone puts trash in his can.

To add insult to injury the cut happy doctor says he needs to lose nearly 20 pounds. That's four of me! I think Koda looks just perfect to me? Don't you?

When Koda first was awarded our highest honor it was because his Mom had saved a dog at the police station who had an express pass for the bridge. Bella has lived with the family for five months, but Koda has been very aggressive with her. Some dogs just don't mix with others no matter how hard their Mom and Dad try. I know it's heartbreaking for them but they are finding her a new home.

So, for being such a brave boy in facing surgery, for his parents making such a valiant effort at integrating Bella into the family; for recognizing their mixture of pups put all of them in danger, for, instead of just turning Bella over to a rescue, working on getting her adopted, and finding her a good home soon; Koda is our pup of the week and her Mom and Dad our shining star parents of the week..

Congrats to all.

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