Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today we got a present from Shiloh's Mom

Today was the most exciting day since the flood. Daddy came home from work with the mail in his hand. He had a brightly colored package that gave off a slight whiff of the Brigade. I hurried next to him as he read the address, to Foley Monster and Pocket Gay from Shiloh Fogerty.

Daddy opened it up and pulled out a card. Shiloh's Mom said she was sorry she didn't get to meet us. We are sorry too. Why do humans have to get sick and cause dogs to miss their friends? I don't understand. Then he reached into the brightly colored envelope and started taking out gifts.

First came a box of treats. They are natural and good for us so usually I would say phooey on that. But since they came from my good friend Shiloh who knows lots about food I gobbled them down (and they were good too.) Pocket won't eat them until I have had a lot of them because, for some reason, she thinks Mommy and Daddy are trying to kill her, probably because, when we are alone in the bedroom, and she's locked in the crate, I sit outside of it and say "Mommy and Daddy are trying to kill you."

Then there were two balls, with feet! And they squeaked. Daddy threw it, Pocket chased it, then she dropped it, because she, for some reason, thinks Mommy and Daddy are trying to kill her. She kept going back to it, and she'll be playing with it soon, and getting it all wet and slobbery, and then I can steal it. I am so looking forward to it.

So thank you so much Shiloh and Mama Fogerty. If you come East again I surely hope to meet you. I hope you had a nice day in Concord. Did you go to bridge where the Revolution started? I peed there. I think there's a historical marker that says Foley peed here. There would be one for Pocket too but they ran out of markers.

So thank you so much, Shiloh is the bestest dog and you are the bestest Mom, and a special shout out to Pokey, Cooper and their Mom for mailing it. And anyone who wants to be the bestest Mom or the bestest dog, please mail me a gift. I a high class dog, but I can be bought.

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