Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010 Pup of the week is Jeni

I don't want to degenerate any of our past deserving Pups of the Week who we all love very much, miss dearly, and look towards the sky at night to see their bright lights shining down on us, but it is nice to honor a Pup of the Week who can still snuggle up with her Mom at night.

We are blessed to have members who have been very generous when it comes to helping other dogs in need. This week Jeni proudly stepped up and did her part. She made us aware of a You Tube video that benefited the Pet Project of Minnesota, a non profit, all volunteer, organization.

The Pet Project gathers pet food and and supplies for local food shelters in the Minnesota metropolitan area. It's mission is to provide food and supplies to pet owners who can no longer afford them so beloved pets can stay with their Mommies and Daddies.

It has been very difficult for some people to keep their pets. Dogs are being turned into shelters because they can no longer be fed or cared for. Hearts are broken everyday. Jeni and her Mom have stepped up and provided a way for loved ones to stay together, and no matter what the times are, there is nothing more important than keeping loved ones together.

Cargill, makers of Nutrena pet food have promised to provide a truck load of food to the Pet Project for every 10,000 people to watch the video she posted on her blog, and we will re-post here. So please, for the good people and pets of Minnesota and in honor of Jeni, or pup of the week, watch the video between one and 10,000 times, and be like Jeni, helping to keep people and their beloved pups together.

You tube video for Nutrena. Please watch

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