Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Shape I'm In

Well, let's see. As you know, the cellar flooded, then son in law #2 came over and wired the sump pump together to keep it running until the next day when he would replace it. Well that night Mommy found out there was no hot water because the pilot went out. I did not know there was a pilot it the basement. I could have had navy and an air force. So Daddy went downstairs to try and light the pilot, which, if you have flown, you know is a very bad thing. But Daddy, even though he does his best work on his knees, was too much the dummy to light it. So they called Daughter #2 to get Son in law #2 but he was at a Drop Kick Murphy's concert, and he did not take me. I could have sat on his shoulder and gone "Shipping Up to Boston Bow Wow." So then Mommy says they would get the on call person for the company that Son in law #2's family owns, even though it would cost a lot, but we found out that Son in law #2 was the on call guy, and he could come over after the concert, but then both he and the pilot would be lit. So Mommy called my human brother Chad who had just come home from Fort Myers and he came over and said: "Let me show you how to do it T!" and then he lights it and then we all laughed at Daddy. Then we went upstairs. During all of this Pocket and I were very excited, and Pocket got so excited she took a vick and fell into it, so she had to get a cold bath, and I was laughing so hard I almost twisted my tail. A little later we went to bed, and when we awoke the wire holding the sump pump had snapped and the cellar was flooded again and the pilot was sober, but the water barely cold. So son in law #2 came over and fixed the sump pump and then he and the pilot got lit and everything was AOK for six hours when the little thing on the lap top where you put the power plug broke. So I'm using a loaner and tomorrow Pocket and I are buying a new laptop. So, I'm in a state of mildly amused suckiness. So Happy St Patrick's Day and Happy Evacuation Day everyone (Evacuation Day is the day the British left Boston in the Revolutionary War. It's a holiday in Suffolk County in Massachusetts, or just another reason for everyone to get their pilot lit)

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