Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scooter and Molly are our March 28 pups of the week

I sleep in a warm bed with Mommy and Daddy. When they're home I am either snuggled next to one of them, resting on my throne of pillows, or getting lots of tickles and kisses. When they aren't home I am sleeping in a comfortable blanket and in the afternoon the sun shines through and warms my fur.

I do have the good life. It's easy to forget how easily my life could have been different, how I could have ended up hungry, thirsty, cold, wet, and neglected, sleeping in a metal cage. We don't have many puppy mills up this was and outside of donating our kibble here and there we don't do much to help those poor pups.

But there are plenty of pups who do more, much more, and two of them are our pups of the week, Scooter and Molly. This week, there were 297 pups liberated from one of these death camps and 67 of them went to the Animal Rescue League in their hometown of Des Moines Iowa.

Along with their wonderful Mommy Scooter and Molly gathered blankets and food for these poor pups and brought them to the shelter as they take their first steps towards their forever home. For their thoughtfulness and their generosity Scotter and Molly are our pups of the week.

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