Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kenya is our May 30, 2010 pup of the week

The Tanner Brigade is a little darker and a little colder this week as our Queen, Kenya, has left us, and left her family, to join the royal family at the bridge.

Kenya has done so much for us. She brought doughnut and ice cream eating into the mainstream. When our Mommy's and Daddy's stop now at Krispy Kreme or Mom and Pop Ice cream they look at us and they say, "well if it gave Kenya more time with her family, what can it hurt."

Oh, and her poor family, losing their second pup in a year. How painful. But Kenya and Krie and running together at the bridge, free and happy, together again, as things are supposed to be.

We know this has been a very hard and confusing week for you Kady. You were thrust upon the throne much faster than you anticipated. Your friend, confidant, and leader, is gone and I am sure you have a lot of questions about what to do now. Well the Brigade is here to help. Do not hesitate to ask one of us.

Kenya did us all proud over her final days in this realm. She kept her dignity even as her legs failed. She held true to our code, staying by her Mommy's and Daddy's side, comforting them through her illness. Even when his back end failed, which is usually a sign that the our train for the bridge has pulled into the station, she was more embarrassed and sorry for her Mom having to clean up then concerned about herself.

Kenya was a great dog. A great GSD. She was a good friend and an inspiration and will be missed by all. Her song here is over. Long and free may she run at the bridge.

And as we remember our Pup of the week Kenya on this Memorial Day lets take time to remember all the Brigade members who have crossed over in the past year, and send loving throughts to their families.


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