Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some blogs down memory lane

I'm getting in some good road work this week. Daddy took us to the retirement village. I love it there. Everyone is so nice. And they drive 5 MPH so we don't have to be worried about getting runned over. Today he took us to the state mental institution. I was taking a Vick. Pocket kept pulling me wanting to go. Daddy said to him "Pocket stop acting like a dog."

While I was walking I began to think, how did we get here? I mean not the walk but how did we get to the Tanner Brigade. A lot of us remember the turbulent times that led us to our home, but others may not know the history. Then I membered that my blogs are like the written history of the Brigade.

But before I do this I just want to mention how overwhelmed I am at the support we have received, and how generous everyone has been. This is why the Tanner Brigade is the best website around. Basil King said "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." Creating the Tanner Brigade was a bold move, and mighty forces have come to our aid. Bless us all.

And best of all, today, when Daddy got the mail, there was a new label in the mailbox put in by the mailman that said "Gay / Foley Monster / Pocket Dog." Wow, I'm really somebody.

When Doggyspace kicked out Tanner Bub and I began to raise a fuss, then got suspended, I began my own blog to explain to my many friends what had happened. You can read my first blog, published on May 3, 2009 here

It wasn't until this blog that we got thrown out of DS. We knew before we wrote it that we were history but we went with it anyway.

We celebrated all our friends at DS with what we thought would be a goodbye performance here

Our final historical blog is the epic court battle between Foley, Pocket and Princess here

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