Monday, September 6, 2010

Foley's Labor Day Poem

I am so grateful that it is Labor Day and I can take a break from the daily grind. I have written a little poem about the things a dog doesn't have to do on Labor Day.

On Labor Day I will not lie in the sun
I will not watch Pocket chase her ball as much as she wants to run
I will pass on grilled hot dogs, even the bun
It's a dogs' job to have fun, and on Labor Day we shall have none

On Labor Day I will not lay on Mommy's lap
I will not ask for a treat, not even a liver snap
I will skip my six hour nap
On Labor Day, not being able to do a dog's work is a bum rap

On Labor Day there will be no time for play
The work of napping, playing and running are not for this day
This is Labor Day when we must put our usual work away
When its the humans who get to nap, play, and lay

But I ask, on Thanksgiving, do we get turkey and trimmings?
On Christmas do we have boxes with presents brimming?
On July 4th do we have barb-b-ques and go to the beach swimming?
So why on Labor Day should our work of playing be dimming?

So say phooey to labor day and all this fuss
Even though we don't teach, build or drive a bus
We don't want to start trouble or cause people to cuss
We want labor day, like every day, to be all about us

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