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Dulce is our September 26, 2010 pup of the week

We are dogs. We used to have several jobs across the world: herding sheep; protecting the homestead; ferreting out critters. But as we have evolved, for the most part, our jobs have been whittled down to one. Protecting Mom.

But the sad fact is there are so many threats to our Moms in the world that we can't protect them from everything: problems at work, while traveling, bad men on the street, illness, money problems. But we like to think we can protect our Mommies at home. Even the tiniest dogs like Pocket and me believe if any evil walks in the door we will bite it backwards. But even at home there are heartbreaks we can't protect them from.

This week Dulce's Mom had to break the sad news to her. She, and Dulce's Daddy, even though they were in love when Dulce first anxiously strolled through their front door, had, as humans do, grown apart, until it became too difficult for them to live together. This is something that is very hard for us pups to understand. There are days I could absolutely kill Pocket. In fact there are days I plan it out, wait for the right moment, and attack. But we don't leave one another. We wouldn't think of it. OK, I think about it a lot, but us dogs have a very large loyalty gene, and we just can't do it.

But human relationships are based on more than a good whiff of a butt and snuggle compatibility. My Mommy had a different partner before Daddy. She even had a litter of my human brother and sisters with him. But after 20 years they decided to move apart and now Mommy is with Daddy, and we're here, and she's never been happier. (He used to stop by when our human brother lived here. He was big, hairy, sweaty and balding. If Mommy had stayed with him I don't know if I would have laid in bed with him. He sheds.)

Our good friend Dulce is in for a world of confusion and hurt. There is nothing worse then when our safe, comfortable household undergoes a traumatic upheaval. Pocket and I don't like when there is any yelling in our house. We hide under the bed. Unfortunately, with Barge at the bridge, Dulce has no one to hide with. He's scared, his Mom's scared, and what they need is a Brigade. Luckily they have one. It's time to let them now they are not alone. We are here for them, all they need to do is turn on the computer and give us a bark.

See his is to Dulce and his Mom, our Pup and Mom of the week.


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