Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scooter is our September 5, 2010 pup of the week

(Sorry, the picture will not load. We will try to correct this)

Another week, another valued member of the Brigade who has earned our concern
because of illness. Unlike last week, this week’s pup of the week has
not received the all clear from the dogtor and this has led to a great
deal of unrest. I know many of you here, and those on Facebook, have
already said prayers, but I ask you to say a special one tonight for our
friend Cooper.

Cooper’s tale began with an innocent trip to the groomers. While there the spa
attendant found red spots in his mouth and tummy. Our boy had to be
taken to the vet who said he had narrowed it down to two scenarios: One
Cooper would be just fine, the other he would be going to the bridge.

Well Dr. Pocket could have diagnosed that just by reading the blog!

The dogtor said our friend had IMHA. This does not sound good to me at
all. The more initials something has the worse it is, like NAMBLA or
FEMA. I don’t know what none of those initials stand for but it means
that he has an auto immune deficiency. I don’t know what that means
either, and I can’t ask Dr. Pocket because she’s still hung over from
her birthday. Hippo Crank It Oath my butt..

Then this morning came the sad news that Cooper needed as transfusion and it
cost more money than her Mom has. She is very upset, as all our Mom’s
would be. If we can’t come together and through prayers and good
thoughts bring about a miracle I don’t know what will happen to sweet

So when you come to this Pup of the Week page, and you see Cooper stop
and say a little prayer for our friend that whatever is going on with
him can be treated with medication and he won’t be going to the bridge
anytime soon.

Please stay with us, with Chipper and Romeo, with your Mom and your family.
We have so many more games to play and laughs to have.

But your Mommy has a tough decision to make and we support her and love her
and will be there for her no matter what the situation. Just a sad day
all around.

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