Thursday, September 30, 2010

The ballad of Zoey Wilson who was suspended today from DS

Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in.

You all know how protective I am of our family. Especially those of the Yorkshire variety. Our friend Zoey Wilson may not be our most active pup. She spend lots of time with the humans on Facebook and playing in the paper Princess' castle. I warned her of the dangers of the castle but you know kids.

Well Zoey entered a cutest pup contest. Now being a Yorkie, even the most hideous looking Yorkie, should be enough to carry a pup to first place in such a challenge. I know I may be a little prejudice for the breed, but seriously, our two main attributes are our cuteness, our barking, and out fanatical devotion to our Mom. That's three, our three main attributes are our cuteness, our barking, our burrowing, and our fanatical devotion to our Mom.....

OK, enough of that. Got to get back on track. Zoey posted fliers in the castle asking her friends to vote for her in The Cutest Dog contest. Now granted, I have been barred from the castle for almost a year and a half. But if my memory serves me well, about half the postings in the castle were requests to give money for this or vote for me for that.

Suddenly, poor little Zoey turned around, and there was the Paper Princess, with her paw extended suspending Zoe from the castle. I'm telling you the Princess is anti-Yorkdite.

So Zoey gets suspended for doing what every other dog has been doing for years which brings us to a segment we like to call "Really with Foley and Pocket."

Really Levi, you're suspending Zoey for asking for votes in a cutest pet contest? Really? You just sent out e-mail to former members asking them to come back and now you're going to suspend a loyal member? Really? You suspend a member linking to another site which is what social networking is all about? Really? Is it true the story of how you created DS coming out this weekend called the Social Disease? Really? Should we prepare ourselves for another poorly spelled lame excuse for your inexcusable actions? Really?

Poor Zoey has fallen into second place in the contest, more than 100 points behind. If I was a suspicious dog, which I am, I would believe that maybe this other dog was friends with Levi. But I don't think that's true. Who would be friends with Levi?

It's still a long shot, but if you believe in Freedom to Bark, and would like to show Levi the Paper Princess that you can't thwart the will of the people, then click this link hereand give Zoey a vote. You have to do it by midnight, and there are a lot of votes to make up, but we can try

Not only is it a worthy vote for a very cute dog, but it gives us a chance to look up at the castle, shake our butts, and say Boo-lah-lah

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