Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shakira and Napa are our January 2, 2011 pups of the week


They are everywhere.  If you surf the Internet like I do you will read how concerned adults are about little humans being bullied by mean kids.  But when are humans going to start getting concerned about us, their best and most loyal friends getting bullied?

For example there are the first two doggies recognized as pups of the week in 2011, Napa and Shakira.  They suffered the worst type of dog park bullying.

Their Mom took them to the dog park a few weeks ago on a perfectly sunny day.   There were two Great Danes roaming uncontrollably.  I have met plenty of this breed and, while even if their heads are larger then my entire body, they seemed perfectly nice.  But these weren't Great Danes, these were Zombie Danes.

And they weren't just bullies.  They were humping bullies, which are the worse kind.  One Humping Zombie Dane mounted Napa.  Our sweet friend was not in the mood to be sexually assaulted in a dog park and growled at the creepy Hamlet to back off.  Well, this Zombie Dane, instead of putting it's perverted head down in shame, attacked Napa.  A long time member of the Brigade, Napa can more than defend herself, but this was a big Dane and our brave little friend was knocked to the ground.  Her fearless Mom ran  towards her to protect Napa as the Dane went Zombie on her trying to bite into her neck.  Then another Zombie Dane joined in.

Shakira was on the other side of the park hanging when her friends when she heard Napa cry out as a Zombie Dane bit into her leg.  Shakira opened a can of whoop ass and began darting back and forth biting the Zombies trying to get them off her sister.  But the only way to stop a Zombie Dane is by cutting their heads off and their Mommy did not let either Shakira and Napa pack heat at the dog park, so, despite brave Shakira's best efforts she too was taken down.

Finally the Zombie Danes Zombie Dad decided letting his dogs commit pupacide would be a bad thing.  He began to pull the Zombie dogs off our friends, as did other concerned dog parents.  Now we are all very fortunate that Shakira's and Napa's Mom knows when to keep it together and when it's time to let it go.  She picked up her wounded warriors and got them to the dogtors immediately.  Thank dog got quick thinking Mom.

Thanks to Angel Apollo who looked over his sisters they both were able to recover from their wounds, although it's unclear if Napa will ever get full use of the leg the Zombie Dane chomped into.  But I am betting she will.  Because she has her Mom on her side:  Her Mom who threw herself into a four dog fight to save the pups she loved; her Mom who got them to the vets before she collapsed in tears; her Mom who tracked down the Moronic owner of the Zombie Danes and made sure they paid for the medical bills of her pups.  Her Mom is like an Oklahoma sand storm, a force of nature, and you do not want to get in her way.

Congrats to Shakira and Napa, our pups of the week, of to their Mom.  A wonderful story of love of humans and pups, of their bravery, of their loyalty, of their unwillingness to ever give up on one another, to start off 2011.


  1. We feel sorry for the Zombie Danes too for having such a terrible, irresponsible owner who didn't help them become good canine citizens. Dogs like this give a bad name to all dogs of the breed. Sometimes they have to be destroyed just because some macho creep didn't take the time and responsibility to socialize them.

  2. While I agree with you that the Zombie Danes were less than friendly, I am madder at the zombie human who is supposed to be in charge of the zombie Danes. It takes a pretty stupid human not to teach manners and not to have educated his dogs. He fails them, his fails society and he should never be allowed to own a dog ever again because he is not a responsible human. Our friend Penny was viciously attacked by a pit bull with a long history of vicious behavior and his stupid owner left him to roam the neighborhood. Penny suffered a lot and she was lucky to escape with her life. There is absolutely no justification for any of that. NONE. Shakira and Napa I am glad you are ok!