Sunday, January 30, 2011

Buddy Boy is our January 30, 2011 Pup of the Week

Once again this week's Pup of the Week nomination lead to a disagreement between me and Pocket.  Pocket wanted to nominate the dog Secret Bub who has been sending presents to everyone.  While the Secret Bub has certainly been the center of the Tanner Brigade universe I don't know who this Bub is and I am going to have to do more research on them before I bestow this generous, yet mysterious pup our most highly esteemed honor.

No, this week we pick a dog who is going through what we all fear the most.  Missing our Mom.

Our good friend Buddy Boy has been without his Mom for awhile now.  He doesn't really know why she's not living with them.  From what I can tell reading my Mom's Facebook page his Mommy is sick because of their house.  Now my Mom is sick of our house, but it isn't making her sick.  I don't know my Human well enough to tell the difference, all I know is Mommy is here with me and Buddy Boy's isn't.

Poor Buddy Boy is stuck him with his Dad.  Now we all love our Dads.  But it's just not natural to be left home alone with one.  Plus, according to his Mom's posting on Facebook Buddy's Dad keeps house like a homeless man tends to his tent. 

Buddy Boy's Mom is at her Mom's house and Buddy Boy understands this.  He doesn't want her to be sick.  But he does miss her so.  And, if possible, she misses him even more, so we should all say a prayer that they are together very soon.

She calls him whenever she can.  His Daddy answers the phone, if he can find it.  He then puts down the phone and Mom and pup talk.  I will give Buddy credit because my Mom's voice on the phone freaks me out but Buddy doesn't let it bother him at all.  He gets the ball when he tells him to and brings it to the phone.

This weekend they were reunited for a marvelous day full of blueberry muffins and loving scratches and licks. 

We all hope and pray that this separation ends seen.

Buddy Boy you are our Pup of the Week because you have been so brave in facing life without her.  You are our Pup of the Week because we hope it will make your Mom smile.  And you are our Pup of the Week because you are as special a dog we know.Buddy


  1. How sad for Buddy Boy and his Mom. Dogs should always be with humans who love them and humans need to be with their dogs. We hope she gets well soon.

  2. Congratulations to Buddy Boy. I can imagine how lost he feels without her there just by judging how Erin and Buck react when one of us are gone just for a few hours. Hopefully the situation changes soon and they can be together again.

  3. this is the saddest post ever! best of luck to buddy boy . . .
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