Friday, January 21, 2011

Foley and Pocket want to thank their secret bub

Wednesday afternoon we had a house showing at 5:30.  Mommy was going to be at the hairdressers which left Daddy home.  This was worrisome enough.  But our realtor thinks that we are a distraction when she is showing the house.  That I can believe.  We are the most beautiful part of he house.  We promised to be good.  Then Daddy got the mail.

Our secret Bub gifts had arrived.  "Open it.  Open it.  Open it.  Open it.  Open it," we barked.  But Daddy said no.  I was in a snit.  I planned my revenge.   Ten minutes before the showing I took a giant shadoobie on the dining room floor.  Seldom alert Daddy saw it an cleaned it up, so there wasn't much payoff to my bang bang.  But I think my point was made. 

The realtor and the potential buyers came in and Pocket and I acted very responsibly.  We don't know if the woman is going to make an offer on the house.  We just wanted it made clear we weren't part of the deal.  As soon as she was gone we hopped on the back of the couch and waited for Mommy to get home.  When she arrived we were more excited than usual.  Not only was Mommy home safe but we could open our gift.

Daddy pulled out the box and ripped it open.  There were two beautiful, plush squeak toys.  One was an olyphant and the other a heffalump.  Here are the pictures of me enjoying the toys.

Then there were the treats.  There were healthy hearts mini chicken treats, and another package of yummy chicken treats.  And here is the best part of the treats.  Pocket has become convinced that whenever Mommy give her a new treat it is medicine and she won't eat it.  So unless Mommy can convince Pocket otherwise all the new treats are for me.  HA!

So a big thank you to my Secret Bub.  Your gifts were perfect.  I gave the heffalump and oliphant a good shaking last night and am planning my attack for this evening.  Over time I may even let Pocket play with themThanks again.  We love you Secret Bub.  Foley and Pocket.


  1. I had no idea your house is on the market! Did you tell us about this and I missed the blog post? Where are you moving to? I am sooo glad your parents aren't including you in the sale of the house! Your gifts look so soft and yummy!

  2. Foley and Pocket
    I think you would make the hoomans come in dwoves to see the house just to be able to be in youw pwesence
    Good luck on the sale!
    Those hephalump and olyphants awe pawfect and the yummielicious tweats sound wowf the wait
    hope you have a gweat weekend
    smoochie kisses