Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boris is our May 15, 2011 pup of the week

Wow, this Boris character, he's less than a year old and he's been named Pup of the Week twice in the last month.  If Boris lives an expected life scan of 15 years, and wins Pup of the Week at the rate he is currently winning it at, he will win it 360 times.  Which, given the poor week the little fellow has had will be fine with us.  Because at this point last week it seemed like it would take a miracle for Boris to be here to win the award this week.

When little Boris came to live with his new family, his Mom and siblings Max and Tupper, it was a very happy day for everyone.  But the little pup tested positive for heartworm which sent his new family into despair but did earn him his first pup of the week.

Then he came back home and the roller coaster our friends were on began rising up.  But a few days later it began crashing down again.  On Monday, after a good weekend, Boris was lethargic and not eating.  His Mom rushed him to the dogtor.  There was weight loss and a fever.  There is nothing worse then when you think you are out of the woods and you only end up in deeper woods.

The dogtor gave his Mom pills for Boris to take.  This made her question why Boris didn't get these pills when he left her care, and. if he had, would he be suffering so?  Once a Mom loses faith in a dogtor it's all over. She asked her Tanner Brigade family if she could get a second opinion and we all told her to tell the vet  "forget you."

The next day Boris was sick and trembling.  His mother called the original dogtor but neither the dogtor or the dogtor tech cared enough to talk to her.  She severed their relationship at once and thanks to her daughter was able to find a compassionate dogtor willing to see Boris immdeiately  Unfortunately our friend had to have all those alphabet tests that I don't understand, but they only run if things are very serious.

Also Boris had lost another pound and he was running out of pounds.This was Boris' sad diagnosis:  He had a fever, he had an elevated white count, and his liver enzymes were high.  Beats me too but it sounds bad.  What was good is that Boris' Mommy believes in this dogtor and the prayer brigade and bridge angels were praying for and watching over Boris constantly.

The next day, Wednesday, little Boris was not improving.  He was not eating, vomiting, and using all the strength in his little body to fight the embolism.  At least the dogters let his Mom and brothers bring a squirrel toy so he would have a touch of home.  It was obvious that, if his Mom had not made the change of dogtors, little Boris would not still be with us.  The new dogtor even left his Mom visit him and hold him which meant so much to little Boris.  It may have given him the burst of energy to push him back towards health.  When a Mom trusts a dogtor a pup can feel it when they are held.  And that makes a pup know they are going to be all right.

The first sign that a miracle might be upon us was when Boris had stopped vomiting.  But on Thursday the roller coaster began to go down again.  Boris had developed a cough.
And the dogster did not want to try feeding him with a cough.

Despite the bleak news there was hope.  His white blood count had returned to normal.  There was a drug protocol that the doctor believed in.  But it still felt like we were counting on a miracle.

Friday morning the dogtor reported on a miraculous site:  Boris was eating for the first time in days.  There would be nothing unlucky on this Friday the 13th.  Then Friday afternoon around the doggy world pups and parents began to do the Happy Dance.  Boris had cleaned his plate twice and held it down, the miracle we had counted on had come through, Boris was on the road to recovery.

If you don't know how to do the Happy Dance it goes like this.  Put your left paw in, put your left paw out.  Put your right paw in, put your right paw out, then shake your tail about
That's how you do the Happy Dance (no doubt)

And then, yesterday, the miracle occurred.  Boris came strutting back in his front door to be reunited with his brothers.  The happy family was together again.  It gives you a reason to believe when everything is at it's lowest.

Boris still has a ways to go before he is fully recovered.  He will got back to the dogtor for more treatment on Monday.  But for one soggy weekend in May he made us believe in miracles.  And any dog who can made us believe in miracles, even for a day, deserves to be pup of the week every week.


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