Friday, May 6, 2011

Our wonderful gifts from our good friends Cooper and Lulu

Today we would like to say a big thank you to our friends Copper and Lola from the Cooper and Lulu blog that you should all check out.  We won a caption contest and that sent us a wonderful package, unlike the cheapos who run The Tanner Brigade caption contest where the winner don't get squat.

Hold on I am getting a note from Pocket.  "Dear Foley:  We run the Tanner Brigade caption contest.  We're the cheapos."  *Foley swallows the note.*

Moving right ahead let me tell you what we got and how we got it.

We were walking to get the mail at the prune house mailboxes.   Pocket didn't leave any Vick on the ramp so already things were pretty sweet.  There was a big package on the table addressed to us.  (Here are the elderly, unstable, and forgetful village they don't put big packages in locked mail boxes.

They put the packages on a big table by the mailboxes.  Daddy was going through them and he said "here is a package for the two of you."

Well now we were excited are we wanted him to open it right away.  But Daddy said we had to walk home first.   Halfway there a man stopped in his car to see us.  He told Daddy he used to raise Standard Poodles and he doesn't have a dog now and misses them.  We ran up to him, let him scratch us, gave him licks, but after awhile we stopped.

Because we wanted to see what was in the package.  But Daddy kept talking to this guy about the ladies in the neighborhood.  I was like "Dude, I got a package to open, move along."

They kept talking.  Pocket and I were pulling on the leash but we couldn't budge fatso Daddy.. Finally they ended their conversation and we began walking home again.   We got on the porch.  Daddy took a knife and opened the package.  The wonderful Cooper and Lulu had sent us a squeaky squirrel that we immediately began to fight over.  There were two squeaky balls that are good for our teeth.

There was also a package of peanut butter treats.  Now this is how you treat dogs who win a caption contest.

So a big thank you and smoochies to Cooper and Lulu for treating us so well, being such wonderful, generous friends, and making us feel so special.

Out of all the gifts you sent us your friendship was the best.

Here is Pocket with some of the gifts.  She is resting after playing very hard with them.  Fatso Daddy was busy talking to someone and missed taking the picture of us playing.


  1. You're welocome Cooper and Lola helped pic out the pressies! Glad Pocket and Foley liked them so much

  2. Cool toys & treats! Wow! Love, Blazer

  3. Very informative tips for newbies. Keep posting!
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