Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hannah Banana is our May, 8, 2011 pup of the week

Pocket and I were sitting up in bed last night discussing what would happen if we did not name Hannah Banana Pup of the Week.  We imagined a group of dogs outside with pitchforks and torches calling for our pointy ears.  We shuddered and took a look out the window.  Paco was there, with his pitch fork and torch, because it was already Sunday in Italy.

Hannah Banana is one of the most popular pups in cyberspace.  A great friend, the first to be there when someone is in need, an ear to listen, or a paw to cry on.  From Doggyspace to the Tanner Brigade and all sites in between no one has a bad bark to aarf about Hannah.  So this week, when Hannah took sick, and was unable to walk, the Internet quaked stronger than after Bin Laden's death.  Hannah could not walk, one of the strongest dogs we know unable to move.  It would be like me not able to crack wise about some silly situation.

Hannah had to be rushed to the dogtors and they put her on steroids.  Pocket said this would be great for the Furminators but I shushed her.  The next day our friend was up but was moving around like me after a few bowls of Foleytinis.  The Dogtor said the steroids were making the swelling go down so apparently they work differently then they do on Jose Canseco's head.

Sadly Hannah had to be kept at the dogspital and her Mommy couldn't fit in the crate to stay with her so they had to be apart.   Oh is there are worse part about being sick then being away from your Mom?   OK, the Cone of Shame, but being away from your Mom that's a close second.

Thankfully it was only for a couple of nights.   She was a wobbly baby when she came home but in her heart she knew she was where she belonged.
The dogtor said no physical activity for two weeks, which, for a lap dog like me, means any two week period of my life, but for Hannah is impossible.

So Hannah has to be kept in a crate so she does not get excited.  You're in the crate to be kept calm, let out to pee, then back in your crate, what a frustrating lifestyle.  Isn't that what laps are for?  But I guess Miss Connie would need an awful big lap to have Hannah curled up on it.  Shortness had it's privileges
Miss Connie spent a lot of time trying to think of things she could put in the crate to keep Hannah busy so she wouldn't get bored.  I would offer my whirlpool bath, pool table, and Nintendo Woof but don't know if they fit in Hannah's crate or if it would be too much activity for her.

Also Hannah had to be on Prednisone.  I don't know what that is but Miss Connie said she had  to be weaned off of it.  The word wean just makes me miss my birth Mom.

Hannah won't be able to run with the moped anymore or pull the sled.  Like m,e our friend is getting older.  I am no longer able to leap on the bed or jump from chair to chair.  It's tough getting older but I think it is harder on our parents watching us.

The dogtor doesn't even want Miss Connie to socialize with Hannah which must be so hard, but she knows Hannah cannot get excited so Miss Connie has to fight the temptation to snuzzle her baby.  She also hired pupsitters to make sure Hannah was not left alone and did not start trouble in her crate  I hope Miss Connie did not pay a lot of money for the pet sitter because if you're sitting for a dog in a crate you're basically babysitting for an ottoman.

Miss Connie will know more about Hannah come Monday so all pups everywhere need to say a prayer for our friend.  She is still a pup at heart and has the desire to play like one so let's put in a word to The Big Dogs that she will be as close to herself as a dog her age can be.  And let her know if she needs to stay overnight all us dogs will find our way to the dogspital, sit in the waiting room, watch TV and stick our tongues out at Caeser Milan.

Get well soon Hannah, we love you, we love your Mom, and we love the two of you together.

We sure hope you will be able to run and chase butterflies in the backyard soon.


  1. We have our paws crossed fur you Hannah Banana!
    Get well soon!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. We were so shocked to hear about Hannah and we pray they get encouraging news tomorrow. Our hearts go out to Connie, I can only imagine how she feels and how hard it is to keep Hannah quiet in a crate. GSD's thrive on being part of the family activities no matter how old they are, family is everything to this breed. Hoping for good news!

  3. we are sending Very Good Thoughts in Hannah's direction. thanks for alerting us!!

  4. Just take 'er easy, Miss Hannah. I want you to be able to get out of that old crate and be your normal self again. Yes, it is hard for our pawrents to see us getting older. I'm going to be 12 years old on my next barkday. Love, Blazer


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