Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A guided tour of our new digs by Foley and Pocket

We have been here nearly ten days and we have been quite remiss in not taking you on a tour of our new digs.  Please accompany us on your guided tour.

The first thing we do is wake up in our bed in the morning and take a look at our bedroom from our snuggly bed.
We walk out of the bedroom and into the living room.
I get to walk, as you can see, while Pocket has to be carried.

We then go on the porch and look out the back porch door as we wait to get leashed.

 Then we go for a little walk and find a nice spot to relieve ourselves.
We come in and line up waiting for our treats which looks just like where we line up for treats in our old house.

Then I will look out one side window from my favorite chair.
Pocket looks out the other window from our couch.
This week our grandbaby Mackenzie has been staying with us and we rush down to her room to see her (she is not in this picture unfortunately.)
Then Mommy goes to work and Daddy takes Mackenzie to school.  When he gets back Daddy takes us for our walk.  We got out the front door.

We walk down the street a little way until we come to the grass.

This is some first class, A-1 primo grass.  Just feeling it between your piggy toes makes you feel as high as a kite.  It's the best grass I have ever been on.  If you send me your address I might be able to send you a couple of ounces.

Then we go under a tree for shade.

We continue along smelling everything we can, under trees, under rocks, under everything.

We have become very popular during our walks.  People come out of their houses to see us.   They stop their cars to ask about us or scratch us.  The men cutting the grass stop and smile as we go by with our tales up high.  Without us our parents would be the weird people who hardly ever came out of the house.  With  us they are known by everyone, the parents of the two most popular carbon based units in the village
After a half hour we return home where my parents have claimed their new home and Pocket and I have planted our flag.

We go inside for a nice cool drink.

Then we lay on the camouflage rug.  It looks just like me and you barely see me when I'm on it.
Pocket thinks she can't be seen, but she can.

I like giving into her delusions now and then.

I now give the sign that I am a Monster fully walked and delighted, the curved tongue

Within an hour I am fast asleep dreaming of my  next walk.


  1. The house looks beautiful tv in the bedroom! All that grass looks just like home. Just don't pee under the table. Are they still brushing your teeth?

  2. What a great guided tour. So glad you have staked out your new territory to rule.

  3. We have A-1 primo grass in BC too. Of course, no one walks on ours ;) Love the new digs. And I gotta tell ya, you gotta work on your "scary monster" face - that cute curly tongue is ruining your image.

  4. That does look like some primo A-1 grass!!
    What does it taste like?


    P.S. I like your flag. Now all your neighbors know where you doggies live :)

  5. Thank you for the tour! I loved it. Looks to me like your new digs are fab! That grass look wonderful. So tell me, have you exercised territorial imperative all over the neighborhood yet? 'vie

  6. Oh my dog! Foley Monster, you are one hilarious and hip dude to narrate such a fantastic tour of your new home like that! Have you considered a career as a realtor? If you did you'd be sure to bring home lots of green papers with your talents! Heehee!
    I love that you are helping your parents NOT become the weird neighbors who never leave their home by taking them out for walks! You must be the "hit" of the neighborhood fur sure!

  7. Oh, I just loved this! The house and surrounding areas look very nice. I know you must be very proud of your new diggs. Love, Blazer


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