Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brody is our May 1, 2011 pup of the week

I believe that, with a quick perusal of blogs and reactions this week, that the pup that deserves to be honored is obvious.  With my move, the indelicate handling of the kitty condo, and my having to get used to everything new I, Foley Monster should be pup of the week.  Wait I am being pawed a note by my bothersome little sister Pocket..  Hmmmm....It says here that most of our posts and blogs have concerned Brody

Well, if the rest of your pups feel that almost dying, have to go to the hospital, and scaring the Vick out of your friends is pup of the week material so be it.  So here is to Brody our May 1, 2011 pup of the week.

Now that I review the blogs it does seem that Brody may have had a slightly more heroic week then I did.  Our first news of Brody's blues was a posting by sweet Sofie Jean telling us that urgent prayers were needed after it was discovered that he had a blockage of some kind.  His wonderful Mom Candice also posted on the Hooman Book saying that she had to rush our close friend to the hospital.  We dogs don't ask a lot of questions.  We got right to the praying.

Especially for Brody:  He is one of our most popular members, a sweet, gentle giant who stars in the cutest pictures with his adorable sidekick Blake.  On Monday morning Brody had some diarrhea, and according to what they tell us, he vomited up some stuffing.

He also vomited up some plastic coins from Blake's birthday party.  I don't know why Blake would be feeding Brody coins.  Maybe he needed change.  Or he fed Brody the coins and pulled his tail hoping that Brody's eyes would light up with three cherries and his butt would spill out even more coins.  Anyway Brody had something in his intentional system and it wasn't good.

The next day when she got home our poor friend was in his crate covered with vomit and Vick.  If this wasn't humiliating by itself he then had to get hosed off outside like a circus elephant.   Then they did the one thing that Brody loves beyond all others.  They put a big bowl of food in front of him.   And he turned away.  This set his parents into a full panic.

Brody not eating is like Pocket not peeing.  It is what they are put on Earth for.  His parents rushed him to the dogtor who decided to run a Barium upper GI test to see if dye passes from his stomach to his colon.  I don't understand a word of that but not one bit of it sounds like it is conducive to napping, playing, eating, or snuggling.

They hooked him up to and IV and Miss Candice said he was shaking in pain with each breath he took.  Our poor boy was in tough shape as his heartbroken Mom left him that night.

Miss Candice and Mr Jeff's big concern was that Brody would need surgery.  If the Barium did not pass from his stomach then the blockage had to be removed.  In the morning the Barium was still in Brody's stomach.  This was not the news any of us wanted to hear.

Also his blood pressure dropped because of medication but the alert doctors straightened that out quickly.  Even with all his medical problems everyone at the dogtor's office said he was a sweet boy who was giving them no problems.  All that was left to do was to wait, and we all hate to wait.

The next word of his condition came from sweet Lily.  She copied from Humanbook that Brody, while still at the vet, had improved during the day, was happy to see Miss Candice, and had tons of energy when he went outside.

Then, on the 27th, came the news we were praying for:  Bordy had been cleared to come home.  Whatever had been in his stomach had passed to his colon .  The man was still saying it was stuffing from a toy of his but I have ordered my own series of reports.  But we were happier than an upper class twit Londoner with front row seats to see a pretty brunette marry a balding uniform wearing weirdo.  Our Brody was going to be OK.

I hope you know how worried we were about you Brody.  You and your family are our treasures and we hope to someday be up at the Bridge looking down as Blake types stories from his dog  about his family.  Your Mommy and Daddy love you bunches even though it may not seem like it since the first thing Mommy did when she got you home was give you a bath.  Blake loves you too, his protector, his best friend, and his piggy bank.

I think Brody, that you didn't earn pup of the week for getting sick, but for being everyone's best friend.  I must admit, you are even more worthy than me, and I don't say that often.


  1. Congrats to Brody, he sure was lucky to escape surgery, that stuffing is nasty stuff and I have read alot of stories that didn't end as well as Brody's. I know everyone is happy that he's on the mend and truly deserving of this honor.

  2. Wow... I just stumbled upon your blog... but I'm so very glad I did.


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