Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bauser is our September 4, 2011 pup of the week

We are here on September 4, 2011, the fourth anniversary of Pocket's birth, to recognize a pup who enjoys acknowledging the achievements of others, who writes blogs about them.. But this dog's name is neither birthday girl Pocket or older sister Foley. No, our pup of the week is our most entrepreneurial friend, the creator of his own thriving bandanna business, the wonderful Bauser. Do you have a Bauser bandanna? If not then stop right now, go to this site ( Bausers Bandanas), and order one. You will not regret it. The Bauser bandanna business started as a way to raise funds because Bauser had back problems. He needed money for surgery, and he put his long head together with his Mom's and they came up with the idea for the bandanna site. Bauser bandanna's are one of the coolest items a dog can own. A Bauser bandanna makes the lollipops go crazy over a sharp dressed dog and the lollipops pop up on the best dressed lists at the doggie spa openings. And the best part of the story is that Bauser raised more than enough money to pay for his operation. And he lived happily ever after. At least until a couple of weeks ago. On August 23 Bauser had another very bad day, something we had hoped was gone for a very long time. Bauser was panting, pacing, and not listening to commands. His Mom became very worried that her nightmare was starting again. His Mommy noticed that he was not walking normally and rushed him to the vets. Bauser had another slipped disk that was herinated in c4 and c5. He was given more pills to take, which seems to be humans answer to everything. Break a bone take a pill. Also his heart mumur had grown slightly. The next day thanks to the doctors Bauser was feeling better, even trying to run, which wasn't the best idea, given his physical problems. As long as we have known Bauser, and I believe it is close to four years now, he has been a fighter. And he's had the perfect Mom next to him cranking out the bandanna They did an official Tanner Brigade bandanna just for us, so if you don't have one, and would like one, you can check out Bauser's site and get yourself one. From a little idea about making bandannas to defray costs on DS Bauser has built his kibble business into a million dollar enterprise. He should be hired by the President So we raise our glasses to Bauser. We hope we feel better and stay that way for a long time and may your bandanna business reinvigorate the economy. Congratulations Bauser - our Pup of the Week

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