Sunday, March 25, 2012

Per Hattie Mae, We are the March 25, 2012 Pup of the Week

Usually we do not take any outside suggestions for Pup of the Week. But this week Hattie Mae sent us this suggestion, and when it is Hattie Mae, well, you have to give in to her or your will get a nasty nip in the butt. So here is what Hattie Mae sent us. Although we don't feel we are worthy here is Hattie's Mae blogging on why we should be Pups of the Week

By Hattie Mae:

We all tend to take things, or furiends, for granted. Never giving a second thought to efforts and time devoted to making sure we all feel safe, happy and loved.

When things got crazy over at that other realm, some of us fled, others were tossed out of the gates without so much as a tribunal to hear their case. We were lost and missing our true furiends. We wandered the streets, confused, hungry and lonely.

Little did we know that two small, but powerful forces, were at work finding a safe house for us. Foley and Pocket. They sniffed around and found just the spot. The rent was cheap, the neighborhood was safe and it came with a great security system. The tiny gals, rolled up their sleeves and gave the place a good cleaning, hung some frilly curtains, got some modest furnishings from the Goodwill. Soon they got the word out to the outcasts that there was a safe haven for them to come to.

One by one we began to come. We felt safe. We could trust again. We urged our furiends to come and they did. They told 2 furiends, who in turn they told 2 furiends and so the community grew.

As we approach the Three Year Anniversary of the Tanner Brigade (May) I want to be sure that we all take a moment and thank Foley and Pocket for giving us a small slice of heaven. No matter what is going on in their lives they continue to make sure we are comfortable and happy.

So we, the members of the Tanner Brigade want to acknowledge Foley and Pocket as our Pup(s) of the week!