Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is Foley a Dumba? A Foley and Pocket Text Conversation

Pocket: Foley, I talked with Mommy and there is something we need to discuss.

Foley: I have told you to stop texting me.

Pocket: I know but I am afraid if I have this conversation with you in person you will nip me.

Foley: Well hurry up. I am in the middle of a game of Paws With Words with Logan.

Pocket: Mommy, Daddy and I think you have become a Dumba.

Foley: Are you calling me dumb?

Pocket: No. You know what a Rumba is?

Foley: It’s one of those freaky little spaceships things that clean the floor.

Pocket: Well Mommy and me think you’re the dog version of that.

Foley: What is the supposed to mean?

Pocket: Because you spend half the night licking the floors.

Foley: Oh that is not true.

Pocket: It is Foley. You have a lick addiction.

Foley: I do not!

Pocket: After we go out for our 9:00 PM pee you begin to lick the entire house. You start on the kitchen floor, then you move to the living room rug and hardwood floor.

Foley: Oh that is an exaggeration.

Pocket: It is not, you’re a serial licker. You lick here, you lick there, once I caught you licking Daddy’s underwear.

Foley: Oh well you lick your own butt.

Pocket: Oh so do you. Licking our butt is what separates us from the lower species.
Foley: That and the lower species pick up our crap and give us room and board for free.

Pocket: Don’t change the subject. We need to get back to your serial licker.

Foley: I do it to help Mommy clean the floors.

Pocket: Aha! Then you are a Dumba. And Mommy does not need help cleaning the floors. Her floors are so clean you can eat of them.

Foley: Well we do.

Pocket: True. But Mommy and I are concerned about your licking.

Foley: I like to lick. I like the taste of things. Sometimes you find little crumbs of food.

Pocket: Dumba! You’re a Dumba!

Foley: I am not dignifying this any more. I am powering down. Oh, and Pocket go lick yourself.

Pocket: At least I’m not licking the bathroom floor.

Foley: Sicko!

Pocket: Sicki!

Note: If you know any dogs who are Dumbas like Foley please have them contact 1-800-DUMBAS. There are Dumba support groups going on around the country. Remember the motto for Dumba Anonymous. Dog’s tongues are to clean our anuses, not our floors.


  1. Hah. Every once in awhile I need to say "So, Elka....why are you licking the floor?" She gives me a look that I do not know how to interpret.

  2. Great conversation you have, you've talk a lot of things and I'm sure you guys are having fun too :)

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  3. Oh that's okay....if you like to lick then it is okay....don't worry about it....

  4. One word... licker"ati"s are generally having an allergic episode. Hydroxazine... will take care of it.

  5. My Lily is starting to lick everything in sight. Great converstaion
    Benny & Lily