Sunday, March 4, 2012

A scared, wet black dog is our March 4, 2012 Pup of the Week

We are here to honor a wet, scared dog who lives next door to our friends Sandy, Maggie and Nikki and their wonderful parents.

On Friday their home got attacked by the weather demons.  Rain fell in vicious, skin cutting sheets.  Lightning lit up the sky so constantly a minor league baseball game could have been played without a single light bulb..  The wind howled with such intensity that earth bound squirrels took flight.  Hail slammed to the ground like Angry Birds gone mad.  The moon held water and the clouds swirled towards the ground looking to create a destructive path unconcerned with life, limb or property.  The only thing pups and parents could do was to get to the low ground and pray.  Sandy, Maggie, Nikki and their parents were doing exactly that when they noticed their neighbors, who live in a camper, hightailing it out of their wheeled abode.  Then they noticed the fleeing family’s pup abandoned, chasing them down the road.

The poor pup almost gets clipped by other drivers searching for higher ground.  Our terrific trio of pups’ Dad tried to cal the scared dog,, who had retreated to his yard, separated from their yard by a fence.  The scared dog would come to the edge of the fence, peer around, then retreat when brave Daddy took a step towards him.   Then ferocious Mom went out, into the storm.  She sat in the driveway, sweetly calling the scared dog, trying to get him to shelter.   Finally, he recognized what a sweet Mommy was like, and he came around the fence to her.  The scared, wet dog came to the brave, wet woman, and sat between her legs.  Her gave her sweet kisses than laid on his back on the wet driveway to be rubbed.  Once she gained the scared dog’s confidence she put food and water under the porch where she knew he would be safe and the dog climbed underneath happily.

Nikki, Sandy, and Maggie were very proud of their Mom, even though, before this incident, they had sent mutual snaps and growls across the fence.  And everyone knew Angel Bo had been next to the scared dog, softly whispering in its ear, saying it was safe, go to her.  Thankfully everyone was safe from the terrible storm.

When his humans returned the dog went back to his family.   The next day the Mom of Nikki, Sandy and Maggie, now known as Lea, Warrior Princess, went over to confront the owners who left their dog behind.  The dog’s human said that he was more interested in saving his family not his dog.  Lea, Warrior Princess told them that was a terrible attitude.  It then devolved into an argument about if the frightened pup comes into their yard too often starting problems with Nikki, Sandy and Maggie.  The scared pup’s Daddy said “so what if he does?”

We are surrounded by so many great pup owners we forget how many terrible ones there are.  There have been several humans who feel they should rescue this dog from his terrible owners, but these are his humans, and we are dogs, and while we may be mistreated, we still love our humans, because that’s why we’re here.

I do know a little bit about what this dog went through.  Sometimes my Mommy rolls over and takes most of the blankets.  Pocket tells me it’s not the same thing. *Shrugs*  But no matter her blanket hogging tendencies I still love my Mom.  

So this is to Nikki, Maggie, Sandy, Angel Bo and one wet lonely dog.  And to Aunt Lea, Warrior Princes.  You did all Moms proud.