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Hobo Hudson is our May 6, 2012 Pup of the Week

It has been a quiet week here on the Brigade. I like quiet weeks. No friends who are sick,or parents that are ill or in dire financial situations. No one is knocking on the Bridge door. This does make picking Pup of the Week a bit of a challenge. But a challenge Pocket and I both enjoy.

It gives us a chance to pick members who are there for us every week, making us laugh and smile. There is no one who does that better than our gentle friend Hobo Hudson. And Hobo is on the verge of making us all famous. With the help of Zoe Boe’s Mom Hobo is working on releasing his first collected works.

Pocket and I have been talking about doing our collected works too. But I think it is easier when you’re an only dog. No arguments about whose name come first and who gets the most stories.

Hobo has risen from a dog whose first owner left him tied to a tree to a dog that has become known through cyberspace. His Mom Bruny writes a very popular column. Our Mom posts it on the Facebook for her human friends and she always gets nice comments. I think without Hobo his Mom wouldn’t know so much about dogs and be so influential.

And then there are Hobo’s many businesses. I may be creative but I don’t have a head for business. Hubo has a number of businesses growing with lots of workers from all circles of nature.

Hobo's News and Tales blog is very influential. He has become the official spokesdog for Camp Bow Wow, where he stays when he needs a break from the family. Camp Bow Wow help dogs find needy humans so this counts as charity work for tax purposes. Friend to all no matter of type or classification Hobo had translated the works Charlene Squirrel from Squirrel to dog to give us a better understanding for the flying rat world.

Hobo not only has translated Charlene’s works but he has entered into a work relationship with her. Charlene and her crew do the digging for Hobo’s many project including peanut harvesting.

Hobo also runs a very successful dead fish perfume enterprise. For any dog who wants to put on the ritz there is nothing better than dead fish perfume. (Warning, neither Moms or Dads like the scent of dead fish perfume.) With his farm and on line writing Hobo is just about the busiest dog I know. But he is also an excellent friend.

In the efforts of full disclosure I am Hobo’s lawyer and he is my biggest client. I try to help him with his most difficult contracts. I also try to advise him against some of his less thought out ideas. Like today he wanted to adopt 50 cats for his work force and bring them on to the farm in his red wagon. Sounded a little bit too much like Mexican day workers to me so I told him he had to pass.

So I take this moment to recognize Hobo for him being a true Renaissance Dog: Writer, editor, gentleman farmer, wonderful companion, and good friend. His mother writes a very popular web column to help in pet causes. . And his Mom and Dad are very sweet and wonderful people.

So this is a tip of the tail to my good friend Hobo. One of the luckiest days of our lives is when you trotted into it.


  1. Nice to meet you Hobo Hudson. Dead fish perfume rocks!
    Benny & Lily

  2. Howdy Hudson....I don't think I have ever smelled dead fish perfume....maybe I should get Beth some for Mother's Day....


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