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K9 Kamp Rap

Spent most of the winter wearing my snowcap
Gaining the pounds as I ate mounds of crap
Gonna hook my workout booties with a strap
‘Cause now we’re getting together to do the K-9 Kamp rap

Can’t wait to go walking with Daddy in the sun
Rules say we’re supposed to but I don’t think I can make him run
People are going to be behind me watching me shake my little bun
But remember we’re workin folks so it’s not just fun

Gonna watch what we eat, no more Frosty Paws
Gotta lose some weight so I can see my claws
And some of Daddy’s eating got to be put on pause
I am worried about layoffs at the local Shaw’s

Week two we are going to play with our balls
I’m tiny so mine are small
We’re going to play until Daddy keels and falls
For a little dog getting him to bed is going to be a haul

In two weeks we shouldn’t be fat
I’ll be able to get up a tree after that brat cat
I’ll fly from tree to tree like an acrobat
Though I’ll likely go splat if I fly into a bat

We can’t wait to play minute to win it
Although it might give Daddy a fit
But we won’t let him quit
If his pants don’t fit you won’t acquit

Gotta get Daddy’s weight down
Can’t keep buying him pants in the department that says clowns
His huffing and puffing makes Mommy frown
He’s either gonna bet moving or move out of town

Finally it will be reader’s choice week.
I am so worried I think I am going to freak.
I hope it’s nothing that will make Daddy shrek
He’s no athlete just some geek

Truth is I am still sleek and slim
I’m doing this mostly for him
Left to his own devices he is quite dim
But if he doesn’t lose weight the future is grim

So there will be no more wearing my snowcap
No more eating mounds and mounds of crap
Gonna work real hard and get Dod under my bootstrap
‘Cause now we’re getting together to do the K-9 Kamp rap


  1. What a great rap! You guys are going to be a blast to do K9 Kamp with!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. BOL OH my dog, you deserve a prize just for that rap! You had be laughing and laughing all the way through it!! Now maybe I can memorize it and sing it while working out!Well thanks for joining us at k9kamp again, we can't wait to see how you enjoy the challenges!
    Peggy & Kelly

  3. you go...we were singing
    Benny & Lily

  4. Your a poet and you don't know!Cool
    Best wishes Molly


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