Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Treat us Right, Treat us Good

I Foley Monster declare that I am fed up over what I am being fed. My Mom and Dad are very good about making sure I get nutritional food at meal time. Right now we are both eating Blue Buffalo easy digestion food. We have no complaints even though Pocket doesn’t always want to eat the little black ones. I, not being as discriminant have no problem cleaning her plate. Mommy says I am going to have to move to senior food at some point but I say I will agree to this when she orders a Senior Pizza.

But it is the treat department that we are being mistreated. Mommy and Daddy have not paid as much attention to our treats as they have to our meals. Until Mommy read something +hat shivered her timbers. We have been eating some Milo Kitchen Treats from the supermarket. They were yummy, Then Mommy found this http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/FDA-Dog-Treat-Warning-Necropsy-Results-on-Bay-Area-Dog-164094206.html Now we never eat Jerky. We do eat jerks so don’t step out of line Mister. But still it scared Mom enough to throw all our treats away and tell us she was never getting anything from Milo’s Kitchen again.

At first I didn’t understand why Mommy was throwing out our treats then I read the story. And I was like “Yo, what’s up Beyotch?  You trying to off us like some prison cook taking out the big mafioso?  Back up butterscotch.” Then Mommy told me it was an honest mistake. While I am not 100 percent sure I believe this I am going to take control of what we eat for treats in our house.

Luckily, when Mommy read the item, we were not treatless. Hannah Banana’s Mom sent us a package of treats the week before. We still had some left. They were so good, better than even the Milo treats. And they are all natural, and nothing in there to harm us. (An added bonus is that it turned part of our poo orange which made it easier to find at night.)  And the closest they have come to China is if out Postman got disorientated again.

So from now on there is going to be nothing but natural homemade treats going into this Yorkie and I trust you to do the same.  The best part is we know many of the people who are making the treats so if they make us sick we can order an immediate poop on you reward for them.  

So here are my suggestions to Mommy, and you can present them to your Mommy if you so choose.  First up are the treats we were lucky enough to have when we found out our store bought treats were crap.  They came from Hannah Banana and her lovely Mom.  You can visit their site here:  http://petstore.iloveyourdog.biz/?product_cat=treats  Our favorites are the Savona and Izzy bites:  Chicken and Sweet Potato flavor.  There are great for small dogs like Pocket and me.  They are small and crunchy, good for our teeth.

Then there are the terrific Kerri’s Kookies site. You can buy their Kookies here: http://www.keriskookies.com/#!store They name some of their treats after our DS friends. Her treats are delicious and crunchy and make you feel all warm inside. And they are baked the day they are shipped so they are like they came right out of their Mommy’s oven.

If your Mom is a baker and you want something right out of the oven then check out http://www.kolchakpuggle.com/p/good-food.html. Our good friend Kolchak has dozens of great recipes all healthy for us. And he has provided a number of great links too. And no one knows more about dog nutrition than Kol’s Mom so if you can’t afford to buy the treats over the Internet she can give you great advice on what to buy and more importantly what not to.

The age of the Milkbone is done.  We have access to great treats out there.  We are here on this Earth to ease our parents’ days, to help with their pain, to guide them through illness. The least they can do is treat is right.

And the best way is with great treats.


  1. We don't have them over here but that did make our peeps stop and think. We do tend to stick to the same stuff but unfortunately that includes the devil food kibbles as well. Can you post a health warning on dried food so my human will stop torturing me. Yours from across the pond.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I wish dogs can talk so that their master would know what they would like to it. Life would be simple if ever that happen.

  3. You have not been reading our blog? WE have been warning about Milo and all other China originating treats for 4 years! That's why we make our own! http://www.silvieon4.com/2012/07/tastee-tuesday-turkey-jerkey-part-oneth.html We get Liveraces and our own jerky. You can get the recipes on Silvieon4.com

    Get this... the FDA says yes, they are toxic, but we can't pull them off the sleves because we don't know what makes them toxic... seriously!

  4. Hold out for the good stuff girls. You two are WAY BETTER than cheap chinese jerky treats. We thank you kindly for the shout out. Our Mama makes almost all of our treats, so that we don't have to worry what's in them. We call here our Kitchen Slave (ssshhhhhh! don't tell her though!)


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