Sunday, August 19, 2012

Angel Mollie, Angel Daisy, and Sophie are our August 19, 2012 Pups of the Week

I am certified in helping dogs with their problems.  But I also like to try and guide Moms who have lost their pups.  Any Mom who devotes so much time to being secretaries to their dogs certainly must love their pups.  When they lose a dog I encourage them to go out and find a new one as soon as they can.

What we dogs need is loving Moms and there aren’t enough out there.  The worst thing is when a great, loving dog warrior Mom is too broken hearted to think about bringing home another dog.  I recall Morgan the Miracle Maltese’s Mom being that broken hearted.    But up on the Bridge Morgan was not going to let that be.

He made sure that he put Jackson and his Mom together and now they are the loves of one another’s life.  There are dozens of other examples of dogs at the Bridge helping their Mom find a new pup of their life.  I am pretty certain that my sister Copper, when she went to the Bridge, helped Mommy find Pocket.

So it’s not full proof system, but, for whatever reason, Mommy does love Pocket (I just don’t see it.)

I know how broken hearted Mollie’s Mom Cindy was when Mollie went to the Bridge at a young age and four years after Daisy went, which is nothing in human years.  Aunt Cindy was too broken hearted when she lost Mollie to think of another dog.  But I was in contact with Mollie and Daisy at the Bridge and we all agreed that Aunt Cindy needed a new dog.  While I couldn’t do anything from here in Massachusetts I knew they could take care of everything from their spot at the Bridge.

I am going to let you loyal readers know the secret of how pups at the Bridge help their Mom find new dogs.  First Mollie and Daisy slipped into their Mom’s dreams and sweetly whispered to her that it was time to get a new dog.  Then they went back to the Bridge and started to look over the millions of available dogs in the world to find the right one for their Mom.  When the other dogs at the Bridge learned the same they eagerly jumped in to help.

The network to find a Mom a dog at the Bridge is the same as it is for the Earth bound humans.  Dogs started to bark to one another searching for a sweet cocker spaniel.
When one was found Mollie and Daisy floated down to check it out and decide if the pup was right for their Mom.  They finally found an eight week old in nearby Williamsburgh Virginia.

When the puppy was asleep Mollie and Daisy slipped into her dreams.  They told her what their Mom looked like and when she saw her to act like this was the Mom she wanted her whole life.  Then they slipped into their Mom’s dreams and told her to look for a black cocker spaniel in Williamsburg Virginia.  That morning Aunt Cindy awoke with an undefined urge to look for a cocker spaniel in Williamsburg.

She looked in the paper and found a Cocker Spaniel there.  She took Molly’s and Daisy’s Dad with her.  The little black Cocker did as told, going to Aunt Cindy and letting her know that she had picked her out as her Mom.  But there was an unforeseen problem.  Their Daddy had wanted the pup’s brother.

Angel Mollie smacked herself in the head with her paw.  They had never gone to her Daddy in a dream.  And if she had tried it is so hard to squeeze in between the cars, young girls, grilled short ribs, and football.  But Angel Daisy told her not to worry.  She knew her Mom could handle the situation.  And she did so convincing her husband that the girl was the one they belonged with.

Sophie was brought home and she settled into the sun room.  And now we have a new friend.  So thank you Angel Daisy and Angel Molly for bringing up Sophie.  We will teach her all she needs to know.And we will watch over your Mom too.

And the two of you will always be in our thoughts as we watch little Sophie grow.


  1. A warm hello to dear Sophie. We hope to see more. What a very sweet post my pal. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly


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