Tuesday, September 1, 2015

River and I Fought, Daddy Got Bit, and it was all his Fault

Early Monday morning River Song and I got in a big fight at the foot of the bed and Daddy got bit on the tip of his little finger and got blood on the sheets but don’t worry we all decided it was his fault so everything is alright.  Let me tell you how it happened.

Mommy had a bad night’s sleep.  One of those nights filled with bad dreams and thoughts.  River is very protective of her when she has nights like that she sleeps very close to her.  She does not like anyone coming close to Mommy and has given me a few growls to stay away.  I learned my lesson and stay on top of the covers at the foot of the bed.

Daddy got up early in the morning and went into the bathroom.  When he came out he picked me up and put me under the covers.  He broke the “let sleeping dogs lie” rule.  I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there and so did River.  She went down the end of the bed and stood over me wanting me to go back but I got confused and couldn’t find my way out.

That’s when she bit me and I let out a sound that sounded like this:  “AYYYYYEHHHHOOOOOWEEEEIE.”  Daddy yelled River’s name and reached under the covers to pull her off of me.  River felt something grab her and thought it was another threat to Mommy.  She turned and bit down on Daddy’s right pinkie tip.

Daddy has always said that we are so small our bites couldn’t hurt him but he made a noise that sounded like this:  “AYYYYYEHHHHOOOOOWEEEEIE.”  He pulled us apart and I got the hell out of the bed.  Daddy picked me up, put me back on the bed and held me near him while I nervously licked him.  He had his back to Mommy who was holding River.

River kept getting away and looking over his back like that Kilroy guy looking over a wall.  I was shaking knowing River was angry and had a mean bite.  Finally Daddy took me out of the room and we sat on a recliner.  I liked and licked some more because I love Daddy and I love the taste of blood more.  Daddy realized he was bleeding from the fingernail and he washed it off, put on a bandage and we settled down on the chair for an hour until Daddy decided I was calm enough to go back to bed.

He rightfully placed me at the bottom of the bed and got under the covers where we slept another hour peacefully.  The we woke up and saw the blood on the sheets;  Ooops.  Sorry Mommy.

Daddy said the bite didn’t really hurt but that was before the blood got under the fingernail, I guess that hurts a lot, especially when he slammed the pinkie on the pavement trying to edge the driveway.

All we can hope is that this incident taught him and other humans a lesson.  Let sleeping dogs lie.

And we are glad that River and I are totally blameless.


  1. His fault. We agree. Sometimes we have quick fights like that, but SHE just yells and makes loud noises and we stop. So far no blood.

  2. Dat are NUFFIN compared to what I did to my momma a couple years ago.

  3. Oh me and Maggie get into fights and Mom says one of these days someone is going to get bit. We blame Maggie for our fights. We think your dad was responsible also. They are scary though. stellie rose

  4. Obviously no doubt it was ALL his fault
    Lily & Edward

  5. Bailey does not like his space invaded if he is cuddling close to mom at night.
    Our Dad has been bit too getting in the middle of things - his fault also, should stick his hand where it don't belong!
    Mr Bailey, hazel & mabel

  6. Sometimes Judd and I get into fights too and it's usually over jealousy.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Fudge tries to bully Noah and sometimes the little guy fights back. Mom tries to stay on top of the situation but sometimes someone gets bitten and blood flies. Those things just happen in multi dog homes.

  8. Of course it was his fault for interjecting his humanness into your dog fight dog world. We hope he learned his lesson, but humans seldom do.


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