Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bed Time Fun Time by River Song

I love the bed.  I am the most bed loving dog in the world.  I would spend all day there if I could.  When daddy comes with the leash in the morning to hook my harness and take me outside I roll over and my back to make my removal as difficult as possible.
The bed is soft and warm, and both my humans are in it.  They are so very warm and comforting to lay against.  When it’s cold out, there are all sorts of blankets and comforters to get between.  
Occasionally, on very special days, when we are taken outside to do our business, we get back in bed.  In the winter we snuggle down but in the summer it’s play time.
Pocket and I like to play together, but the opportunity is limited.  We prefer to play on something soft and our house, except for the front room, is hard floor.  The door to the front room is often closed so getting in there is a rare treat.  When we do we tear back and forth, and roll around together.
But the bed is our special play spot.  We nip, bite, and scratch.  We circle, jump and growl.  Sometimes it takes us time to get synchronized.  Play usually begins when one of us gets on our back leaving our bodies exposed.  The other is supposed to scratch, sniff, and begin play.
Unfortunately, while I am lying on my back in bed waiting for the action to begin Pocket has her head buried in her who-who pleasuring herself.  I roll back over, walk to mom, and get some scratches while Pocket, satisfied, rolls over and wonders why I am sniffing her belly.  Bed synchronization is hard.  
If our lack of coordination lasts too long daddy will flip one of us over, guide the other’s head to the belly, and he hopes the magic happens.  If it does, we leave him a kibble as a tip.
Playing in the bed is a small dog privilege unless large dogs have really big beds.  I am sorry if you are missing out.
Now I am closing my laptop and headed to bed.  If you were smart, you would do the same.


  1. Bed is our special place too but we are only allowed to lie quietly without any rough housing.

  2. We need to find a way to convince the Momster that time in her bed is just what we need:) You make it sound like the perfect puppy playground!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. Well you sure got that right, aye? Beds are the best places in the world. I have to be invited up but I do get to have a snuggle in the big bed most days.

  4. Ghostwriter always says sleeping is her favorite sport! I heartily agree!

  5. Hazel and I like to play on the bed when we are ready to get up but the peeps are not
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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