Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pups of the Week: Luci and Carly

Nigel was sitting up in bed.  His small arms were crossed over his chest.  He was wearing his bulldog face.  It’s a face that I can’t tell if it’s happy, sad, nervous or content.  It’s just bulldog.  But, his bottom left paw tapped on the bed.  He was nervous.
On his Parent Vision television, Nigel is watching a car, being driven by his dad, with his mom in the passenger seat, going south down the Jersey Turnpike.  In the back seat were their two bulldogs, the newly christened Lucy and Carli, ages six and seven, riding to their new forever home with Nigel’s parents.
It had taken Nigel months to find a dog to help rebuild his parents’ hearts, which were destroyed when he passed in late June 2015.  He interviewed hundreds of dogs before realizing he would never find a single dog to cure his parents.  Only a bulldog pair would do.  
Finding a pair of Bulldogs ready to adopted together was like trying to find a chicken at the turkey farm.  Nigel spent days flying unseen through the mortal world looking for the right pair.
Earlier this week Nigel was lying down on a hill overlooking Rainbow Bridge.  He was exhausted and discouraged.  He put his head down on his paws and sighed.  Suddenly there was a poof of smoke in front of him.  Our good friend, and top flight secret agent, Tommy Bond appeared.
“I have found them!” Teddy announced with great fanfare.  “In New Jersey!”
“New Jersey?” Nigel said, his stomach turning.
“That’s right.  Their mom got this terrible disease called lymphedema.  She is going to need a tremendous amount of medical care, and she can no longer take care of two female bulldogs.  Their names are Nola and Girlie, but I am sure something can be done about that.  Anyway, fly into the sun with me, we will visit these girls, and you can decide if they are right for your parents.”
Nigel followed Teddy into the sun and came out near a cage holding Nola and Girlie.  He knew from his first look that these were the dogs for his parents.  He talked to them, and they were anxious to meet their new mom and dad.  Teddy visited his mom’s dreams and told her about Nola and Girlie.  Unaware of the reason way, Teddy’s mom was compelled to look on Facebook where she saw Nola and Girlie.  She informed Nigel’s mom who called about them.  Meanwhile, Nigel had asked us angels to discourage two other prospective parents for the Bulldogs, and the rescue agreed to give Nola and Girlie to Nigel’s parents.
On Saturday Nigel’s parents drove up the Jersey Turnpike, (the name comes from the Indian term “Road of Despair.”  Once you tire of counting the refinery towers, it is a boring ride.  It took them eight hours, but the trip was worth it.  Nola and Girlie became Lucy and Carli, and they started their journey home, and life,  together.
After an exhausting day on the Road of Despair, the happy family returned home.  Nigel was right.  It did take two dogs to rebuild his parent’s hearts.  Lucy and Carli have made an excellent start of it.
As soon as his parents got home, Nigel finally nodded off to sleep.  I had not seen him sleep so soundly since arriving at the Bridge.


  1. Nigel, you did well!!! And now Lucy and Carli can live happily ever after.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Absolutely possum. I am so happy Nigel finally found these two. Thank you Foley!!❤️������

  3. Nigel had a big job, but it all worked out. What a wonderful way to cure humans of heartbreak.

  4. Glad Nigel hung in there and found the perfect pair of doggies to help heal his parent's hearts. Amazing!

  5. Nigel, you're the best and the girls are very lucky pups!


  6. What a beautifully written story.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Great job Nigel!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. What a wonderful heart-warming story!

  9. We love it when animals that have been together get placed together. To go into a shelter then be torn apart has to be the most terrible thing. Bravo to Nigel!
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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