Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pup of the Week: The Funny Dogs

It had been a quiet week here at the Rainbow Bridge (Thanks Big Guy!)  We rebuilt the wall and not dog has crossed over in our district.  Dogs in other districts are discussing following our lead.  The entire Bridge may be covered by a wall soon.  Until someone knocks it down.  (Thanks Big Guy!)
These are some dark and depressing times.  What we need know is humor and fun.  This week I would like to honor some dogs who make our lives happier and more joyful.  To recognize those who take out mind off the worst of time.
In the wonderful world of Blogville dogs have been competing in the Blogville Olympics.  There is basketball for those who can hold a ball or has a basket; there is TuneFul farting, there is boxing, there is synchronized napping, and so much more.  There have been days of fun and we are looking forward to days more.
Then there are the merry pranksters from our own Tanner Brigade site.  Enzo is always ready with a funny sketch, a witty joke, or a tail of woe about life on Enzo mountain.  He is a very busy dog  who runs his own garage but he still has time to post pictures of old cars to keep us guessing.  Keeping us guessing keeps us from worrying so the more we guess the better.
Then there are two of the greatest mischief makers Freddy Girl and her brother Angel Tommy Tunes.  They have been entertaining us for nearly ten years.  Tommy has a vault filled of videos of him talking with his partners in crime, most famously Morgan the Miracle Maltese.  Tommy and Freddy also like to share their collection of historical pictures.  You would not believe the places they have gone and the events they have seen.  Lately they have been playing games with us. They post pictures and we are supposed to figure out a phrase based on the pictures.  It is a fun game that keeps us all guessing and our friend Cinnamon’s guesses are better than the pictures.
Finally there is Molly.  Not only is she a master of photo manipulation making beautiful pictures enchanting, but she has started stories by writing three words and then letting others contribute three words to see where the story goes.  They have gone to some strange, but always funny spots.
In these days of madness and sadness, both here and the mortal side of the River, we need more dogs who make us smile and for a short bit of time make us smile.
So here is a tip of the tail to the fun dogs.  We would be lost without them.


  1. We couldn't agree more. Laughter is always the best medicine. Finding humor even on the dark days is so very important. Cheers!

  2. You always make us smile and that is so important. How can we sign up for synchronized napping?

  3. The Pawlympics have given us all alot of smiles hasn't it
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. The fun dogs ~ we love that! Laughter is in short supply these days.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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