Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dixie is our October 22, 2017 Pup of the Week

We dogs know that our time is short.  That is why we make sure that every day we use all our energy, eat with gusto, live every second to the fullest, and give the totality of our love to those we cherish.  
And we have one secret wish, to spend our last seconds at our home.
Unfortunately, when our time comes, we seldom achieve that goal.  We dogs pass over slowly and painfully.  We don’t ever want our parents to suffer while they watch us, so it has been agreed upon by all parties that we would allow the humane method to be used, where our parents end our misery via the assistance of a doctor.  Humans are still troubled by doing the humane thing for themselves.
This week my friend Dixie was able to achieve her goal of leaving for the Bridge from her house.  Her Mom Jan had an appointment for Dixie to be assisted to the immortal world but Dixie decided to save her mom the trip and the cost.  Her mom thought Dixie was sleeping in the living room, but actually, she was enjoying her last mortal moments in the place she loved the most before she leaped for the Bridge.
As it often happens Dixie went from being perfectly fine to very sick in a short amount of time.  She began throwing up, which all dogs do, but it was frequent, and Momma Jan sensed that something was wrong.  When the vomit was mixed with the dreaded blood, she took Dixie to the vet.
The report was not good.  Dixie had a mass that was attached to her heart.  There was nothing the vet could do.  Momma Jan brought Dixie home for one last night before she assisted her to the Bridge.  But Dixie didn’t need any assistance.  She arrived on her own.
All the pain Dixie had tried so valiantly to hide from her Mom was gone.  Passing over expels cancer from the body into the river where it floats to a waterfall that takes it into a deep pool in the center of the Earth where it can never touch the ill again.  Some dogs arrived unprepared but Dixie, in her quest to passover at home, was fully prepared for her next step.
Like an advanced placement student zipping through college Dixie barely needed any angel training before she was visiting her mom as small flying creatures and as a ghost.  She is back by Momma Jan’s as much as she can be.  Their bond will never be broken.  


  1. Thank you! This brought a big ole flood of tears! But I know she truly is with me. That bond will never be broken!

  2. That is so sad, but yes, nice to be able to be at home when that final moment comes. Mom says she had many times with some of our Angels when she prayed they would go on their own so she wouldn't have to make that painful decision. Tell Angel Dixie to look for our Angel Sibes - we know they will welcome her with open paws.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. Sad that dogs have such a short time on this side of the RB. Dixie had a good life.

  4. if the world would be fair all dogs should live forever... as a reward for all the good things they did for us...

  5. Always sad for a pet to cross over . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. So sorry to hear about Dixie. Our Joey dog was blessed to have been able to cross the Bridge while he was at home. But Charisma and Miss Ginger had to go to the vet for that.

  7. Home is always best isn't it. Stellie Rose