Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pocket Tries to Claim the Vomit

As I get older more things make me nervous.  Noises coming from the TV, screeches, beeps, cries, whistles, whacks and whispers all cause me to sit up and tremble.  Once again my parents set out to combat my anxiety which always makes me nervous.
They dug out my Thunder Shirt.  I hate that thing.  When I see it, I know something terrible is about to happen, and I shake.  But they added something new to the Thunder Shirt torture.  They bought a spray that was supposed to soothe my nerves.  The first time they sprayed it on me I got myself into more positions than the Kama Sutra trying to get the horrible smell off of me.
Once I was done everything in the house, but me smelled like lavender.  This did not make Mommy happy, so Daddy decided to spray the Thunder Shirt before strapping it on me.  They termed this a success after Mommy made a noisy supper and I sat next to Daddy slightly trembling instead of running around the house trying to hide under everything. At our house, if no one is hiding under the furniture is it considered a successful day.
But I was still unhappy about the lingering stench of lavender.  Then I got hit with a terrific bolt of luck.  In the middle of the night, in the big bed, River vomited.
I jumped out of bed waking Daddy.  He saw the vomit and cleaned it up.  I was on the floor shaking like a cricket in a lizard factory.  Daddy picked me up, told me it was not my fault that I vomited, and wondered if it was the lavender smell that made me sick.  I was so close to never getting that horrible scent stuck in my nostrils again.
Then something terrible happened.  River vomited again!  And suddenly it wasn’t about me anymore.  She was getting all the attention.
Her tummy settled the next day, and I thought the attention would be back on me but the next night my sister puked twice in bed again.  Now she was on the Terrifying Watch List.  You earn a spot on the list when you are sick, and your terrified parents watch everything that you do.  With all their attention on River, no one sprayed me. Not even with water, never mind lavender.
The next night I made sure the attention was on me.  I vomited a half dozen times while River peacefully slept.  That morning I had diarrhea.  I was back on top of the Terrifying Watch List.  It wasn’t until near bedtime when I finally ate, and then the next morning, when no one puked in bed, that we were both removed from the List and our house returned to normal.
“I am glad Pocket is feeling better,” Mommy said.
“So am I,” Daddy said.  “And we haven’t sprayed her with lavender in days, so we know that didn’t make her sick.”
I tell you I can’t catch a break.


  1. Too bad ya couldn't blame da lavender.

  2. the mama is with you... that lavender isn't the pawfect smell, she got a nuclear meltdown once as my granny placed this stuff efurrywhere in her wardrobe...uuuh!

  3. You guys really know how to get attention!

  4. Yikes, you guys need to chill. You're going to drive your peeps crazy.

  5. Our mom doesn't like the smell of lavender either so it probably would have made her vomit
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. I'm glad you are feeling better and have reclaimed the attention! Hopefully they get rid of the nasty spray soon.

  7. Oh Pocket, we know all about that "Watch list"! We are glad everyone is feeling better and was removed from it!

    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  8. Pocket, we are so sorry to hear that you have such terrible anxiety. How we wish we knew a way to make it go away. We don't think we would like that lavender smell either. We hope you both have a nonvomiting and good weekend.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. Dang, I hope the nerves and tummy are all better!

  10. You poor babies....never mind the peeps having to clean up the house many times and worrying. You two deserve lots of cuddles...and chicken and rice. SHE hates the smell of lavender--seems to be in everything these days!

  11. I have a lavender bush in my back yard. I pee on it every day! It never helped me cope with anything scary, though.

    Sorry River took the attention off you, but I hope she feels better now.

  12. My mom gets sick from lavender too: hence we never have it in our house for me to find out how it might effect me. Flashbacks from the sixties when everything was lavender and patchouli - she gets queasy just thinking about it.