Sunday, October 8, 2017

Prince and Rosy are our October 8, 2017 Pups of the Week

When Cappy arrived at Rainbow Bridge, I explained how every part a dog loses, like hearing or vision, reaches the Bridge, and we keep it safe until the day comes when the rest of the dog arrives, and everything becomes whole again.  We got a short black leg this week with no name attached.  I got on the computer and searched my friends, and I learned that leg belonged to my friend Prince.
Poor Prince had contracted cancer and had to lose his leg to keep cancer from spreading and taking his life.  Prince was more than happy make this sacrifice.  Truthfully, we dogs would exist as just a head on top of a beating heart if that meant more time with mom.
Sadly, this sacrifice came with post-surgical pain.  Little Prince lost his front leg and shoulder during surgery.  He did a lot of crying the first few days.  Prince’s mom got his medication increased, but every time she lifted him to help him go potty she hit a sore spot.  Her heart broke for her poor little gentleman.
Three days later Prince had fought through the pain and was standing on his three legs.  The pain had lessened a great deal, and Prince was more relaxed.  A few days later he was walking around the house without pain.  He is going to need prayers as he learns to be a tri-paw, but we are sure this Prince of a Dog will be triumphant.
The second pup we recognize this week came to her new home with the help of a lot of angels.  Rosy, an adorable Lhasa Apso, is now a member of Blogville’s Da Db Boyz joining Arty and Jakey.  
Their parents decided on a Lhasa pup but were disappointed to see how few breeders there were in their area.  Having searched the entire Pacific Northwest the parents were about to give up their search until summer when they extended their search into Utah, Nevada, and Idaho.  The Idaho Pug Ranch’s parents joined in their search, and the Boyz’s angel siblings Dory and Bilbo joined the Pug Ranch’s Angels Bailey and Greta to find the right pup.  
Bailey and Greta found a Lhasa litter in Idaho.   They told Dory and Bilbo, who went to interview the pups to find the right one, and the Pug’s Mom, who emailed Dory’s mom to inform her about the litter.   The Boyz parents traveled to Utah to meet Rosy, her pup, and human parents, and Rosy, after a night at a hotel, arrived home.
Now Rosy has a new forever home, Arty and Jakey have a little sister, their parents will have their hearts rebuilt with the help of this adorable little girl, all thanks to online friends and determined angels.
May Rosy and Prince have lots of days, love, and memories with their pack and parents.


  1. A very good story, may they have lots of love

  2. Prayers and hugs to Prince and a hello again to the cute sister of the DB BOyz ;o)

  3. lots of love for them both loved the story my heart goes out to Prince with his health issues but so proud of how he is doing

  4. We are sending lots of prayers to Prince and we feel so very blessed to have had so many angels involved in sending us our new sister Rosy! Thanks so much for the beautiful story!
    Jakey and Arty

  5. Sending lots of POTP to Prince and hope his pains go away real soon. We loved seeing Rosy, and we're so glad she was found by Arty and Jakie's family.
    We have the same problem with cocker spaniels. We hardly ever see any breeders in the area any more. We think people don't want this once most popular breed because of the long hair that needs grooming and the problems with ears and eyes. They don't know they're missing out on the breed's merry personality, and constant companionship.

  6. Sending our pug prayers and POTP for Prince. Angels can do powerful things - Rosy getting to her furever home at Da DB Boyz was meant to be
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. We don't know Prince, but we send him lots of gentle hugs and mucho POTP to help him heal well. He is a very brave Prince. As for Rosy, she is going to be Blogville's little sweetheart. We bet Angels Dory and Bilbo had something to do with her arrival:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Hope Prince continues his road to recovery and a long, happy life. We know Rosy is living the good life with her new brothers!♥♥


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